"BitTorrent Torque" alpha release that will allow you to exchange P2P files with all browsers


Although BitTorrent's technology and clients that appeared more than 10 years ago have greatly changed the Internet,BitTorrentHas released "Bit Torrent Torque" as fundamentally changing the Web again.

Introducing Bit Torrent Torque | The Official BitTorrent Blog

"BitTorrent" sent out to the world by BitTorrent is a communication protocol using P2P and its client name. If you try to download the file on the Internet, it will normally be downloaded from the server and you will definitely concentrate. However, in the case of BitTorrent, file fragments are also passed between clients in the middle of downloading, and finally the client returns it to one file, so the more popular the file is, the more People will have a fragment of the file (or a completed file), so it will be possible to download earlier.

As an actual case of introduction in Japan,Konami utilizes "BitTorrent" for distribution of "Metal Gear Online (MGO)" and "Winning Eleven 2009" updateIt succeeded in considerably reducing the load on the server side, the "offload rate" showing the reduction rate reached 83%, and it seems that the user side can also download comfortably.

"Bit Torrent Torque" was released to revolutionize here. Simply put, it means that it is a new technology that integrates BitTorrent and browser.

BitTorrent Torque consists of a JavaScript library and a plugin. The main part is "btapp.js", which is a library that can access all functions of BitTorrent client. By using this, it becomes possible to incorporate BitTorrent technology into a web application that uses JavaScript. With browser and BitTorrent, Opera has a built-in BitTorrent client, but BitTorrent Torque does not depend on the environment such as browser.

Torque LabsNow, you can see what kind of applications actually work, and what kind of apps are going to appear in the future.

"OneClickIs an extension of Google Chrome that allows you to download torrents in the same way you download ZIP files and more.

"Paddle Over"Can interact with a specific user just by dragging and dropping the file.

Furthermore, from now on, you can download "Torrent Video Streaming" which enables streaming playback of Trent's movie file, "uTorrent Settings Toolbox" which can be shared by optimizing μTorrent settings, funny files on torrent via Facebook client, Facebook "UTorrent Friends" that can be shared with friends above, "Nud.gs" which creates links that can access files on the PC unnecessary such as cloud and hosting, "Loftly" which can announce file distribution on Twitter "BitTorrent Web" which manipulates all torrents via the web without impairing the function of the client, "Connected Devices" "Torrent Download Anti-virus" "Transcode Media" "Folder Listener" as APIs are scheduled to be released .

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