What is the Indian restaurant of Los Angeles one of the petrol stations?

Los Angeles in the state of California in the United States has a history that it is a population-rich city next to New York, and has a history that it accepts Asian immigrants since ancient times, and is a town where various ethnic groups live. "The Bombay Frankie CompanyIs an Indian restaurant located in the gas station in Los Angeles and has received high praise at the site. In the movie below, we are closing in on why "The Bombay Frankie Company" opened a shop inside the gas station.

L.A.'s Best Indian Food Is in This Gas Station - YouTube

There is "The Bombay Frankie Company" next to the highway running in Los Angeles. address"11261 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025"

There is a signboard in front of the gas station.

There is a counter at a corner of a gas station's convenience store, and food is offered.

There is a kitchen inside the counter, cooking is taking place.

It is Hiram Mac who established this shop. Originally that Hiram's family had been running a convenience store at this gas station.

"The sweets and juices we sell at this shop are unhealthy and novelty so I thought about putting out fresh, additive food."

At first I was planning to give a little unusual snack, as popularity came out more and more elaborate things, and according to that it became to prepare higher level cuisine accordingly .

Full curry was cooked in the pot in the counter.

It is bread that you eat with currynaanIs a traditional Indian ovenTandallIt is baked in.

The most popular menu in this store is Indian style FrankieBurritois.

Frankie who wrapped Tandoori chicken and various vegetables together with a thin Nan was born as a result of trial and error trying not only to deliver Indian cuisine as it is but to offer a menu similar to Burritos according to the market in Los Angeles.

The central member of "The Bombay Frankie Company" staff consists of Hiram's family and friends. "People often say to work and private together, but I think that complaints will tell me after complaining," Hiram says.

Hiram's sister Priyanka performs store management and HP management.

Kamaljit Singh is also a chef.

And all the staff members.

"The Bombay Frankie Company" run by Hiram's thought that "I would like to serve dishes that make people who have never eat Indian food overwhelmed" is also accepted by residents of Los Angeles.

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