A movie that delicately opens a "beer bottle plug" with a powerful large shovel car

It is a power shoveling heavy machinery shovel car that is active in construction sites and dismantling work with large body and power arm. A movie that challenges to open a plug of a fragile beer bottle with such a powerful excavator car "Can You Pick Up A Beer With An Excavator?YouTube channel that is trying to repair, remodel, and experiment a rich variety of carsDEBOSS GARAGEIt is open to the public.

Can You Pick Up A Beer With An Excavator? - YouTube

This man is FILTHY RICH who released the movie. We operate the YouTube channel DEBOSS GARAGE to repair, remodel, experiment etc cars.

In this movieSENNEBOGEN 830I will challenge to open a tap of a beer bottle by steering a shovel car called. Although there are some differences in this shovel car depending on the model, the width of the car is about 2.7 meters The total length of the car body is about 5.5 meters, the car body weight is about 38 tons, and the total arm length is about 14 meters.

Attach the four-nail attachment "Multi-shell grab SGM" to the arm tip of the excavator and use it.

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(PDF file)https://www.sennebogen.com/fileadmin/user_upload/Downloads_PDF_Broschueren/Broschueren_Green_Line/830_M/830_M_EN.pdf

The attachment is fitted with four claws made of metal and can carry weight of about 8000 kg at the maximum, grab a sedan class passenger car with metal claws as below and shabby ......

Because there is power that makes it easy to scrap a rugged car body, it is difficult to operate, if you make a mistake even a bit, the beer bottle will crack easily and fail.

Before RICH's challenge, this man will show off picking up a beer bottle without shredding a beer bottle with a shovel car.

The beer bottles look like the size of rice grains when they are placed on the ground on the left side, and you can understand the huge size of the attachment and car body.

Move the attachment over the beer bottle.

Move to near the beer bottle and check the positional relationship of the nails.

Move the entire attachment to the top of the glass bottle and close the four claws once to adjust the engagement of the claws.

Pull your nails close to the beer bottle again ...

Move 4 claws "one by one" and carefully shorten the distance with the bottle.

The nail caught a beer bottle firmly.

Lift and move the beer bottle slowly ... ...

Beyond that there is a red cardboard box, and I will put a beer bottle in this red cardboard box.

Hiding the beer bottle in a carton ... ...

Successfully entered with the high sound "Cachan".

Successfully putting a beer bottle, the man seems to be very happy.

Next is RICH's turn. Mr. RICH has to put the beer bottle in a carton box, and then challenge to lift only the part of the plug.

Start a challenge.

A shovel car starts to move.

I will move beyond the beer bottle by moving the attachment.

Get a beer bottle. And carefully lift it up.

Then, the force to put in the nail is too weak to drop the beer bottle.

RICH was a big laugh at this.

In the next challenge, the power to put it in your nails was too strong, so I will break the beer bottle with the sound "Gashan".

It seems very difficult to make this challenge a success with a powerful heavy equipment.

I will do the next challenge without failing.

This time it seems that four claws caught the beer bottle solidly and it will likely go well.

Take it to the top of the cardboard box ...

I was able to do it.

Next we pick up only a bottle of beer bottle. Another beer bottle can be avoided first by the hand of man.

RICH will manipulate the attachment's claw again.

Four claws approach the lid of the beer bottle ......

Get the beer bottle and lift it.

In this state, you do not know whether you just grasped the plug, so borrow the beer bottle body with the help of another person.

Grab the beer bottle body by hand and turn it ......

The beer bottle body has left the stopper.

The beer bottle with the stopper opened in the hand remains ......

Only the tap of the beer bottle remains in the nail of the excavator car and it is a great success.

According to the movie "We do not recommend driving heavy equipment or cars while drinking alcohol"apparently.

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