Successful shoot movie with a strange jellyfish called "deep-sea fireworks"

Like the universe, there are many unexplored areas in the deep sea, and research on new species and geology continues today. Jellyfish shining in the deep sea "Halitrephes maasi"There are many mysterious parts in ecology, the encounter itself is rare jellyfish. Exploration ship of international marine exploration programExploration VesselThe team succeeded in shooting such a jellyfish, but the ecology that Halitrephes maasi glows with the light of the surroundings shining and it does not emit from myself like an electric jellyfish has been confirmed It was.

What is reflected in the following photographs taken this time Jellyfish Halitrephes maasiROV (deep sea exploration robot)ofHerculesThose of the same type. Hercules investigates the deep ocean by remote operation, can divide up to 4000 meters deep, and can sample with 2 arms.

ByNOAA Photo Library

Exploration Vessel's YouTube channel of Exploration VesselEVNautilusSo, when you discover Halitrephes maasi, you can see the movie of the ROV crew by voice "A Burst of Deep Sea Fireworks: Halitrephes Jelly"Has been published.

A Burst of Deep Sea Fireworks: Halitrephes Jelly | Nautilus Live - YouTube

In the movie accompanied by a sentence titled "New Year starts with fireworks in the deep sea" in YouTube's description column, Mexico 's "Eastern offshore water depth of 1225 meters in the east off Sokolo Island of Mexico" where Halitrephes maasi was photographed is displayed It is also included in the conversation of crews who are remotely maneuvering the ROV with the voice of a male saying "Path is fixed as is" and another man "OK."

While the mysterious BGM flows, "This is worth to approach, prepare," the male crew says, and the ROV approaches Halitrephes maasi.

"This jellyfish is amazing" "It is a beautiful jellyfish," spilling from the mouths of the crew.

From the mouth of the female crew, the word "like fireworks" is also. The male crew tells the impression every day that "it grows bigger than what is known and" it seems to reflect the light of ROV ".

"I will lose sight of you soon" Hentaippus maasi's frutted tentacle flows elegantly according to the current.

"Let's get a little distance, while moving backwards ... wide ... ... Zoom ... ..." Another male crew answers "OK."

From the crew conversation,1909I found a valuable creature that was discovered in Mexico to a certain extent, a little hurried atmosphere is transmitted. The end of the movie ends with the scene where Halitrephes maasi swims to the left side of the screen.

Halitrephes maasi in the family Tengubelong toIt seems to be a jellyfish,Movie detailsAccording to a jelly-like umbrella seen through the bundle of star shaped tubes is a radiant tube through which nutrients travel. The whole body seems to be shining purple or pink, but when you turn off the ROV light it turns out dark and you know that it is not that you are flashing yourself.

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