Successful shooting of sperm whale swimming in the deep ocean, which is rarely seen

It is the world's largest creatureSperm whaleThe male of men never make a flock and live alone in the deep sea where light does not reach most of their lives. Such a sperm whale can divide for 90 minutes and its range of movement extends to 2000 meters deep, so it is very difficult to witness the male sperm whale swimming in the deep sea. However, the National Geographic Ocean Expedition Team successfully shot the male sperm whale swimming in the deep sea, 600 meters deep.

Rare Video Captures Sperm Whale in Deep Sea

You can see how a huge sperm whale swims in the deep sea at a depth of 600 meters from the following movies.

Rare Sperm Whale Encounter with ROV | Nautilus Live - YouTube

National Geographic supports the world's best explorers and scientists "Explorers-in-Residence Program"We are doing a project called. As part of the project, deep sea explorersRobert BallardMr. et al.E / V NautilusI was watching the scene where the sperm whales that appeared on the sea diving into the deep sea after breathing. A remote explorer that had been piled on a ship "HerculesI dropped into the sea. But the sperm whaleRapid dive possibleSo it was thought impossible to find individuals seen from the ship in the deep sea ... ...

Something is reflected on the camera, "researchers who become noisy over the monitor," O M me!

When switching the camera there, you can see that there is a single sperm whale vaguely passing the front of the remote probe.

When switching the angle again, the figure of sperm whale swimming swiftly near the remote probe. Researchers who breath in unexpectedly "Wow! ...!"

The sperm whale showed us a mysterious aspect, such as squeezing "remote" to the remote probe.

Are you interested in a shining exploration ship, or sperm whale to see how many times you are approaching.

Sperm whales predict about 1 ton of squid or deep-sea fish per day. It is said that the standard male sperm whale has a length of 16 to 18 meters, so it seems as though a giant submarine is passing by as if looking at close.

The sperm whale that confirmed the exploration vessel until it felt sick went to the dark and vast deep ocean. It is a picture of only a few minutes, but I got a very valuable picture.

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