Movie that captured the world's largest white shark in close imagery

Widespread in the oceans around the worldWhite shark(Whitehead shark) is a movie "JawsBut it has appeared as a gigantic shark that makes people terrified. The size of a common white shark is 4 meters to 4.8 meters, but footage shot of the world's largest white shark, which is seen to exceed about 6 meters in length, is released on Facebook.

DEEP BLUE - Mauricio Hoyos Padilla


I give you the biggest white shark ever seen in front of the cages in Guadalupe Island .... DEEP BLUE !!!

Posted byMauricio Hoyos PadillaOn June 9, 2015

The world's largest white shark was photographed by nonprofit organizations researching and studying the marine species of the Gulf of MexicoPelagios KakunjáHe is the Director ofMauricio Hoyos PadillaMr.Guadalupe IslandWhile working by submerging a submersible cage in the ocean nearby, a movie is taken of the place where a huge shark approached for food.

The approaching shark will hit the diver in the cage in the end, but as long as it is in the cage the diver seems safe. The shaded white shark is considered to be an individual living for more than 50 years estimated, and it seems that the body length is more than 6 meters.

Compared to the neighboring diver, it is as big as a whale.

Diver came out of the cage and drove a shark. The movement of the shark is quite dull because it is a gigantic but still quite courageous ... ....

Sharks swim around the cage for a while ... ...

Sharks quietly disappeared into the ocean when it was found that divers could not be eaten. It is probably the first time for me to capture such a huge shark as a picture.

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