A photograph of the shock that captured the moment of escape by shocks from the shark's teeth attacking children of the fur seals

In South AfricaCape TownIn the waters,Cape Fur Seal(Minami African Fur Seals) Children are hugeWhite shark sharkI will introduce you the pictures of the most powerful that captured the moment of escaping with a stroke while being bite to it.

* Because there is a shocking part, attention may be necessary for browsing.

Details are as below.Captured on camera: One lucky seal's amazing escape from jaws of great white shark | Mail Online

The photograph is an animal photographerEco TourAlso Chris Fallows (38) sponsored by the Gulf near Cape TownFalse BayFloat onSeal IslandShot in the vicinity.

For the young fur seals seen as about 9 months old, the first blow like a shark missile with a length of 11 feet (about 3.3 meters) was totally surprising. But at that moment, barely escape by bouncing sideways.

Although the shark once caught a fur seals, it was not able to grasp firmly, and at the last minute, the shark used a shark's teeth like a leaping table, and gained momentum and escaped.

Attach the front leg to the lower jaw of the shark and escape by pushing out the body. Hokkaido shark that hit fur seals this time is about 10 years old, fur seals are seen as about 9 months old.

Sharks got tired of attacking before going away, heard that fur seals could escape to Seal Island safely. The seawater in the vicinity seems to have been stained red with the blood of the fur seals, but Fallows said that it would not be a fatal injury.

About 64,000 fur seals live in the long narrow island Seal Island about 800 meters long and 50 meters wide, and it is said that 15 to 25 hojo sharks inhabit near the sea depending on the season. This area is famous for being able to observe how the shark prey on the fur seals, Mr. Fallows's boat is also drifting around for the purpose, but this time I see this dramatic moment in about two hours when I start waiting I heard that he was able to do it.

"About 50% of the fur seals that have been attacked by sharks can escape, but there are hardly any surviving dramas that can be seen so far," Fallows says.

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