A crucial moment when fur sees prey for sharks was filmed and marine biologists were puzzled

Pictures of fur seals hit by large sharks in South Africa were taken and the color of puzzles spread among marine biologists against surprising behaviors that greatly deviate from the previously considered ecology.

Revenge of the seals: Marine mammals spotted killing SHARKS and eating them guts off the coast of South Africa | Daily Mail Online

Male fur seals grow up to 2.3 m in total length and weighs from 200 kg to 300 kg, but usually we eat small fish, squid, crab etc.

One of the shocks shot by a marine photographer, Mr. Chris Fallows, off the coast of Cape Town in South Africa. Who the bitties bit meAffiliation.

It is very uncommon for the fur seals to catch large fish like the shark shark, and the biologists were puzzled by this report. Dr. Neil Hammarskalaf, a marine biologist who saw the picture, says, "Fur seals seem to be eating only the most nutritious hearts without blinking at other parts."

Shark shark is a shark that grows bigger than fur seals, it is a shark that is reported as an example of striking people, although they are made up of small teleost fishes and squid.

It is common for fur seals to be eaten by large sharks such as white sharks, which makes it impossible for us to predict that fur seals have preyed relatively large fish, the yellow shark.

There was a very rare moment when the fur sees the shark shark, but there is also a view that it is not due to hunger for the reason why fur seals hit the shark. Dominique Tritt who studies marine mammals said, "If you are hungry, do you think you should consume to the dangerous opponent Lion? Usually you should aim for smaller prey, and fur seals and shark sharks are small fish and Considering that squid and prey are in common, I think that fur seals had an intention to increase the opportunity to get food by killing the shark shark, a competitor who aims at prey. "

The appearance of the fur seals which attack relatively small sharks and eat mushy can be confirmed also in the following movie.

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