A penguin movie that came up to the boat to escape from a killer whale

Although it never attacks with hostility to human beings, it is a killer whale standing at the top in the food chain of the sea. From small organisms such as fish and squid to huge organisms such as dolphins and whales, its supplementary subjects range widely. The penguin that is not so big is also one of the subjects, and you can see how the killer whale is going to eat the penguin or is kidding in the movie. One penguin is desperate to run away. At the end of the escape, I realized that the top of the human boat was safe and I'm getting up a bit.

The playback of the movie is from the following.
LiveLeak.com - Penguin finds safety from Killer Whale's attack on small boat

I wonder if dolphins are approaching from afar ...

It was a killer whale.

A penguin that went up to the boat and was saved.

A orca leaving slowly.

By the way, beforeMovie in which huge killer whales kayak attackAs you have introduced, the killer whale has misunderstood as a seal, although it is not looking at human beings as a supplementary food, it bites and sometimes hits the body as an object of play. In this movie the killer whale swams quite quietly, so maybe he was already chasing after eating a penguin, maybe it was already a movement after a meal.

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