A healing movie "Open Ocean" that allows you to slowly view the lives of the sea creatures for 10 hours

Looking at the living creatures living in the sea is a combination of sounds in the sea, somewhere to be healed.BBCIs summarized in a movie that spans 10 hours of life in such sea creatures and released on YouTube.

Open Ocean: 10 Hours of Relaxing Oceanscapes | BBC Earth - YouTube

I swim slowly through the ocean,Whale shark.

Apparently, he seems to be trying to predispose a large group of small fish overhead. A whale shark aimed from the bottom ... ...

Predating by driving the hordes to the surface of the water.

Looking at the state of the whale shark which predisposed a large amount of small fish from the sea, it seems like a satisfying expression is somewhere on the surface.

Next wasA.

It seems like this is just swimming slowly ... ...

It looks like you are enjoying swimming somewhere, such as somersaulting on the way.

continue,Gingame beanHuge group appeared.

If there are so many, the fear will start growing.

Next wasSea turtleis.

Unlike the earlier gingamameji, the sea turtle is acting with one animal without swarming.

nextDolphinHas appeared. Dolphins act in herds and sometimes swim in the sea normally ... ...

Sometimes it jumps the sea surface, sometimes it makes a jump with a twist and moves, so there seems to be a side of play love.

Next was the longSnout(Fungus) is characterizedBasho mackerelis.

Bashaw mackerel attacks the prey with this roun (fish) and predisposes weak fish.

Then,Smoked sharkHas appeared. The shark shark is also called "hammer head · shark" from its characteristic head.

If it is only one, it may look somewhat adorable, but if you have a lot, you feel a little creepy.

continue,BigeyeA herd of appeared.

When you leave this group, you can see that they form a fairly large herd.

This huge group does not consist only of bigeye, it is formed by a group of various kinds of fish gathered.

WhileDirtyThere are also sharks, such as it seems that they are aiming for predation if there is a gap.

continueMizukuraHuge group appeared. It was a blue sea sea so far, but it will turn around and spread a fantastic space.

Next, a sea lion, which aims at the hordes of small fish, appeared.

Tries to eat fishSea lionAnd while the battle of small fish which can not be eaten is spreading ......

Dolphins also participate to eat small fish. It was content which can understand life of the sea creatures well.

Open Ocean is supposed to play a loop of 20 minutes in a loop 30 times, so as to relieve daily fatigue, while watching the movies while watching movies, relaxing by listening only to the sound of the sea It is recommended for.

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