Successful shooting of 'Penguins selfie movie', amazing video of the moment of preying on sardines is released

Penguins, which are very popular because of their adorable appearance, mainly prey on fish and crustaceans in the sea. An attempt was made to shoot a predation scene by setting a camera on the body of such a penguins, and the movie actually shot has been released.

Penguin Takes Astounding Selfie Video of its Diving and Feeding Activity (English and Spanish)> Newsroom

This photography project was carried out by a research team of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), which conducts research activities related to biological conservation. The WCS research team attached a camera to a male Gentoo penguin inhabiting the island of Martillo in Argentina to shoot a predation scene, and released the video as a 'amazing penguin self-portrait movie.'

You can check the movie actually shot in this project in the following tweet.

A camera mounted on the back of the penguins shows a herd of sardines and fellow penguins.

Rushing into a flock of sardines vigorously ...

Succeeded in catching sardines. It's a momentary event of rubbing.

In the movie, an albatross diving aiming at the squid was also reflected.

Gentoo penguins were generally thought to look for food near the bottom of the sea. WCS emphasizes the results of this project, saying, 'From this movie, we found that even if penguins find a herd of sardines on the move, they will prey on them.'

The camera was removed after shooting, and the penguins that were the subject of the experiment safely returned to the original herd and took care of the children.

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