A variety of beautiful pictures taken with a high-speed camera the decisive moment of living beings

It is a photograph of a living thing as if the life is shining, such as the moment when living creatures such as owls, frogs, benthic worms predict, there is lively vibrancy. All these were photographed by Scott Linstead, a photographer, using a high-speed camera.

The photos of wonderful moment of animals by Scott Linstead | Easy Life, Happy Smile

1:TeppoboIs the moment when we launched water guns for insects

2:Chameleon stretches his tongue and preies prey

3:Immediately after Tentou went off from the flower

Four:The moment the frog jumped up with water droplets

Five:A lizard running on the water

6:A blue bird is on the verge of landing on a tree branch

7:OspreyIt is catching prey by a sharp fall

8:While spreading pollen in the air, the bee just before landing on the flower

9:Owl pushing through the blizzard

Ten:FukuromomongaIs in a gliding

11:A bat flying while reflecting her figure on the water surface

12:Fish is jumping out of the water to eat insects

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