Convinced to the name of "Musikui", a beautiful photograph clearly capturing the mother bird which carries food to the chick

I will catch the insects and carry it, where the chicks that can not fly yet in the sky still get stuck in branches and wait for them to hurtMusicalMother. Its appearance that reminds me of gratitude to parents who raised parenting in everywhere in the world ... ... It is Indonesian photographerOctavianus DarmawanIt is caught clearly by Mr.

Pictures are from the following.Amazing pictures of warbler chicks at feeding time | Mail Online

Crisp looking chicks do not seem to notice a mother approaching with a feast from behind.

Chicks who are shocked by what their mother came home by hand.

Mother bird giving grass to chick.

Two right birds opened a big mouth and beside me compete with me "Please give me to me!" And the facial expression that gave up on whether he realized that the left chick is not his turn.

Is a tortuous long insect cricket?

Instead of sharing one insect by three chicks, it seems like they will wait for their turn and eat one at a time.

Feeding continues for chicks that have been hungry not only during the day but also at night.

I catch spiders and go home to chicks.

I also like to eat larvae.

This chick which is the same size as my mother somewhat felt like growing too much, but I wonder if I can hardly leave my parents away.

According to Mr. Octavianus Darmawan (56) who took these photos in Jakarta, Indonesia, he could photograph "one piece of conscience" that included chicks and mother birds in a few days, it may take several weeks That's right.

"I always admire when I see a mother who feeds chicks.I find my food and growing a child It is a tough job and I encounter dangers such as snakes and cats, but my mother birds are very hard workers , I am raising my child with enthusiasm, "Darmawan says. "When I was watching birds, my parents who brought up myself had a hard time and I appreciated it."

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