"Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2008" decided for people who took the most beautiful wildlife photograph

The 2008 edition of "Wildlife Photographer of the Year" awarded to those who shot wild animals with shocking and impressive beauty was decided.

A number of pictures that became high in the vote are released, but precious moments that can not be seen rarely are projected.

Details are as below.
Wildlife Photographer of the Year

A picture of Steve Winter who is "Wildlife Photographer of the Year". It is said that it shot with a remote control camera at Hemis National Park in India

Picture of the giraffe and the lion taken by the top Catriona Parfitt of the child division

Photograph of the eagle which holds the bait of Antoni Kasprzak, the Best Prize of the Bird Department

A photograph of a frog and a snake falling into a state of being taken by other animal division, David Maitland

A picture of Brian Skerry of the underwater division. It is said that they took pictures of fellow divers and semi-whales

A work of Stefano Unterthiner of the portrait department. Pictures of macaque monkeys living in Sulawesi, Indonesia

Carlos Virgili 's photo. Picture of jellyfish of jellyfish category

A picture of Miguel Lasa of the creative gaze category. Polar bear taking a light of sunrise

Many other pictures can be seen from the following
Wildlife Photographer of the Year - Online gallery

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