Successfully shooting seven kinds of cats in one forest

There are plenty of cat animals such as lions, jaguars, leopards, tigers, cheetahs, etc. The places inhabited are well separated. Meanwhile, biologist Kashmira Kakati seems to succeed in photographing seven kinds of cats in the Assam region in northeastern India.

Originally Kakati was studying gibbons, and in the process he became interested in the predators on the ground.

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Pictures: 7 Cat Species Found in 1 Forest - A Record

Lumpy fish. Although the exact population number is unknown, it is considered to be in danger of extinction.

Leopard. It is taken with camera eyes.

Golden Cat. As the name implies, the body surface is covered with golden hair.

Jungle Cat. It seems that I crossed the front of the camera in the evening, and it looks like a blurred appearance.

Bengal wild cat.

Marble cat. It seems that the pattern is different from Bengaluyanneko, but I do not understand the difference with the feeling I have seen at a glance.

Dora. I am completely turning my back on the camera.

Dragon cats and other feline animals are narrowly habitat narrowly due to natural development and are thought to have extinct species. In this way, opportunities that seem to be able to photograph seven kinds of cats in one forest may be gradually decreasing.

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