A group of white albino tadpoles is found

It is said that Albino tadpoles with pink eyes and white skin were found in a fountain with Wales. White tadpoles of individuals have been discovered so far, but it is the first time that a group is found.

Details are as below.Rare white albino tadpoles discovered in Wales - Telegraph

A group of white tadpoles. It seems that albino tadpoles were born from 4 out of about 10 eggs.

Because Albino is inferior trait, the owner of the pond said that he had never seen a white frog during breeding season. Tadpoles are carried out by biologists for research, and it seems that the exact location of the pond is kept secret.

"It is rare that finding albino frogs is rare, so it is unusually rare that you can find so many tadpoles.These tadpoles already seem to be getting dark, so careful observation of the transformation to frogs "Jules Howard, who works for the preservation of reptiles and amphibians, says.

By the way Albino frog is like this. There is a magical atmosphere because it is an unfamiliar color.
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