Visually impaired woman, catching a huge catfish and establishing two world records

Progressive ocular diseaseRetinitis pigmentosaShe told Sheila Penfold (59 years old), who has very weak eyesight, that he was convinced that "fishing is fun" and that her husband Alan Penfold (63 years old) took a fishing trip four years ago. Mr. Alan and his son Arthur also liked fishing would not have dreamed that Sheila would catch a huge catfish so that they had never caught them in a long fishing history .

Sheila, who became a master of catfish fishing by raising lift and arms, caught the world's largest fish as a catfish fished by a woman in 2009, and in October this yearalbinoFishing as the catfish of the world the world's largest individual, achieving two world records.

Details are as below.Blind fisherwoman breaks TWO world records on holidays after being taught by her husband | Mail Online

Southern LondonWandsworthMr. and Mrs. Penfold living in Spain, near Barcelona, ​​SpainEbroHe is going to go fishing well.

In 2009, Sheila caught a large catfish of 214 pounds (about 97 kg), which is a world record as a result of a female angler by the Eblo River. Sheila on the right side of the photo and Alan, her husband on the left.

In autumn this year, when the couple went to the Ebro river again for a two-week fishing trip, her husband Alan said that he pledged to "catch a big catfish greater than what Sheila caught" anyway. On the second day I picked up 212 pounds (about 96 kg) of big items, but I can not reach Sheila's record. However, it seems that we succeeded in catching just 214 pounds of fish by literally doing "not better than winning" to Mr. Sheila's record by sticking without satisfaction.

Meanwhile Sheila will catch 192 pounds (87 kg) of the biggest item, "On the 4th of October, after an hour 's inquiry" I was wondering if it took a car. " When I pulled out this big thing, it was albino, how sheila of vision impaired realized that it was albino for the first time by the voice of the surrounding people.

192 pounds is a world record as an albino catfish affordable. Alan, her husband, also seems to have accepted the defeat as "It does not cost it" against Mr. Sheila who grabbed two world records with brilliant fine arm with a length of less than 160 cm.

By the way, the biggest catfish ever raised in the world was fished in Thailand in 2005Mekong OhonamazuAnd the weight is 646 pounds (about 293 kg).

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