New fight of the mountain of mushrooms and bamboo shoots "Mushroom mountain plump strawberry & cooked milk" "Takeo no Sato Azawa strawberry & attention cookie" Tasting review

In Meiji Seika, I tried eating "Mushroom's mountain plentiful strawberry & cooked milk" and "Takeken no Sato Ajiwai strawberry & commitment cookie" was released.

"Mushroom Mountain" and "Takaneko no Sato" series which celebrates the 35th anniversary this year since the release in 1975, new products with strawberry added newly in the form of packages. The mushrooms' mountain has milk flavor with strawberries. It seems that the bamboo shoots are strawberries and cocoa cookies, which are developed by taking advantage of their respective characteristics, but what is the taste like?

So, the actual appearance and taste of "mushrooms mountain plentiful strawberry & cooked milk" and "bamboo shoots strawberry & sticky cookies" are from the following.Meiji Seika: Mountains of mushrooms and villages of bamboo shoots

This time the appearance of each package has changed.

Firstly from 'Takaneko no Sato Ajiwaii Strawberry & Specialty Cookie'.

Front of package. Ichigo and cocoa cookie are designed.

The back side looks like this.

"A bamboo shoot that can taste the delicacy of strawberries has been made, so please stick to the honesty with cookies."

This bamboo shoots village seems to be a combination of strawberry chocolate, milk chocolate, and rice cracker cookie.

Raw material indication. It seems that dry strawberries are contained.

Major nutrient indication. The number of calories per 40 g of box is 221 kcal.

"Akechi" is at the bottom of the main unit.

When opening the lid, it looks like this.

Conventional bamboo shoots are packed together in one bag, but this time it is individually wrapped.

I took it out of the bag. I can see that strawberry crumbs are mixed in chocolate.

The bottom cookie part.

I cut it in half in half. Is the ratio of chocolate and cookies about half? When I try to eat it, the acidity of the strawberries is felt firmly and matches well with the sweetness of chocolate. Cocoa cookie is slightly different in texture from the traditional version of bamboo shoots cookie, but the crispy texture and slightly bitter cocoa flavor are tasty.

Next is the mountain of mushrooms.

This is a design that milk is applied to strawberries.

The back side looks like this.

"A mountain of mushrooms that tastes the deliciousness of strawberries has been made, please enjoy harmony with milk with richness.

The mountain of mushrooms is a combination of strawberry chocolate, white chocolate and crackers.

Raw material indication. Of course there are dried strawberries in the mountain of mushrooms.

Main nutrition information table. The number of calories per box 40 g is 228 kcal, which is almost the same as that of bamboo shoots.

I just opened the lid.

This is also an individual packaging, but it is in a transparent bag.

A strawberry chocolate is over crowded with crackers.

I also cut it in half. This is the sweetness of white chocolate is intense, the feeling that the sweetness of chocolate comes out before. It is a contrasting taste with bamboo shoots of a bit bitter flavor. It is a different direction from the bamboos village, feeling it with a solid sweetness of strawberries, but strawberries and chocolate are gathered together exactly.

Looking side by side like this. It is an ancient Chinese warriorSun TzuEven "maybe you can try eating the bamboo faction first to know the enemy, saying" Know yourself (himself) and know yourself (almost) if you know a battlefighter. " not.

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