A 70 year old angler, catching a 2.5-meter long halibut in the extreme cold sea world record update

"halibutAlthough many people may not come with pins even if they ask,KaleiIt is a flat and large fish similar to,Fish and chipsIt is a white fish with a light taste which is often used for cooking such as dishes.

A German 70 - year - old angler says Gunther Hansel caught a record - breaking halibut that reaches 2.5 meters in length near Iceland. It is a huge halibut that 1,000 people can cut fillets that can carry fish and chips, but Mr. Hansel who arrived at the port decided to sell this fish. How much did you sell?

Details are as below.The feeding of the 5,000? Not quite, but pensioner lands record-breaking halibut that's big enough to provide almost 1,000 fish suppers | Mail Online

IcelandOn the west coastFjordIn the middle of a cruise to Hansel, the plastic that Mr. Hansel cast to the seaLureI ended up with a halibut of over 200 kg.30 poundsHansel who brought the prey until the end of the death fight of two hours at the fishing line of the ship finally got the prey, borrowing the hands of five fishing fellows riding in the boat,winchSucceeded to withdraw using.

Halibut fished up is an extraordinary thing that can reach 8 feet 2 inches (about 248 cm) in length and 482 pounds and 13 ounces (about 219 kg) in weight. Near BerlinMagdeburgMr. Hansel, a native of the pensioners who is from, said, "This fish is the fish that I've been looking for in my previous fishing life."

Halibut is a large fish distributed in the extremely cold North Atlantic Ocean, which is said to sometimes reach a length of 15 ft (about 4.5 m), but this time the one in the world is the best sports fishing record. The previous record is about 210 kg which was picked up by Bosse Carlsson and Hans-Olov Nilsson in Norway near July 2009.

From this huge halibut which can not fit in the freezer very much, it is said that it is possible to get a piece of fillet that will have nearly 1000 dinners. Mr. Hansel who arrived at the port said he sold this fish at about 2,500 pounds (about 330,000 yen). If you think that the price of one serving at the wholesale price is 330 yen, it may be a pretty fish.

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