Big weight 226 kg · 100-year old gigantic fish is caught

At the Frazer River in British Columbia, Canada, a huge white sturgeon about 226 kg in weight was captured by two anglers. Salmon eggs are used for food to catch fish of a length of 10 feet (about 3 meters), and it seems that the fierce battle with fish spans an hour.

Details are as below.Anglers hook 100-year-old monster fish weighing over 35 stone the Daily Mail

Nick Calleya of Cornwall and George Carstairs of Scotland raised the gigantic white sturgeon. Mr. Nick suppressed George who is pulled from the boat seat after white sturgeon hits. The fight with the fish took 1 hour and it seems that the person holding the rod changed every time the hand got tired. Meanwhile, the guiding person moved the boat according to the fish and came back and forth many times about 800 meters.

After the fish stops moving, we jump into the river to catch it for carrying to the downstream.

Before releasing to the river, guides keep some of the fish for research. "There are many huge creatures in the river, but I heard that I have not seen fish more than this time for more than a year."

By the way, white sturgeon has succeeded in farming and eggs are also used as "caviar", one of the world's three greatest delicacies.

Caviar - Wikipedia

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