``Mysterious golden orb'' found at the bottom of the deep sea, puzzles scientists, experts say biological origin

A probe from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which was investigating the ocean floor at a depth of 3,300 meters, discovered and recovered a hemispherical object that emitted a dull golden light. At the time of writing the article, all we know is that the object originated from some kind of creature, and its true identity is shrouded in mystery.

Unidentified Golden Specimen Captures Public Imagination


Golden 'egg' seen off Alaska coast by NOAA ocean explorers | Miami Herald

The golden object discovered this time was discovered by NOAA's remotely operated unmanned submersible during the research mission ' Seascape Alaska 5 ' that NOAA is conducting in the waters near Alaska from August 23, 2023 to September 16, 2023. This was captured by the (ROV) camera.

On August 30th, when an ROV was exploring the ocean floor at a depth of about 3,300 meters, where white sponges were scattered, a golden dome-shaped object about 10 centimeters in diameter was found firmly attached to the rock surface. Ta. The pattern quickly spread through live streaming, and the golden object was called a 'golden orb' or 'golden egg' by some media.

If you zoom in, you can see that there is a hole that seems to have been formed by something coming out or entering, and you can see the same golden color as the surface peeking out from there.

NOAA scientists looking at the ROV footage thought it might be a dead sponge, coral, or an ootheca containing the eggs of some kind of creature, but they don't know what it is. did. Therefore, the research team decided that they needed to take a DNA sample and decided to retrieve the golden orb.

At first, the golden orb was thought to be hard due to its dull luster, but it turned out to be very soft, as it crumbled when touched by the submersible's arm. One scientist who worked on the collection said, ``I just hope nothing comes out when I poke it. It's like the beginning of a horror movie.''

Eventually, the golden orb was recovered by gentle suction with a tube.

Although the research team brought the object back to the ship, they were unable to determine its true identity using the equipment on board. Sam Candio of NOAA, who is leading the research mission, said, ``Although we were able to recover the 'golden orb' and bring it aboard the ship, we do not know anything other than the fact that it is of biological origin. 'We won't learn much more until we get it into a lab where we can use more sophisticated tools than we can bring on board and tap into the collective knowledge of the scientific community.'

Although it is not yet known whether the golden orb is related to a known species, a new species, or represents an unknown life stage of a known species, the research team hopes the discovery will He points out that the importance of exploration has been demonstrated once again.

Candio said of the significance of the research mission: 'New species have the potential to reveal new treatments, vaccines, food, energy, and other societal benefits and sources of new knowledge. The data and information generated will also help fill gaps in our understanding of certain parts of the planet and improve environmental protection and nature management.'

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