Find a mysterious 'monolith' that shines deep in the desert

On November 18, 2020, a metal pillar was discovered in the desert of southeastern Utah, USA, where it was unknown who installed it and the purpose of its installation. Several media outlets reported that 'a mysterious monolith was found in the desert' because it looked like the mysterious stone-

columned object ' Monolith ' that appeared in the movie ' 2001: A Space Odyssey '. ..

DPS Crew Discovers Mysterious Monolith From Air In Remote Utah Wilderness

Utah helicopter crew discovers mysterious metal monolith deep in the desert --CNN Style

Even Utah's mysterious monolith may be no match for Google Earth --The Verge

The monolith was found in the Utah desert by a Utah Wildlife Resources Agency employee on board a Utah Department of Public Safety helicopter. Helicopter crews found a strange metal pillar during a survey to determine the population ofbighorn sheep . I descended to the site and conducted an investigation.

You can see the newsreel of Monolith reported by the local TV station KTVX from the following.

Mystery Monolith in SE Utah --YouTube

'Our brave expedition is down the ledge to investigate the traces of aliens,' the reporter reports.

At the destination of the expedition, there is a mysterious metal pillar that gives off a dull luster.

This is the monolith discovered this time.

From the top, you can see that it has the shape of a triangular prism.

It looks like this when a Utah employee stands next to him.

The monolith was a fairly large object that was about twice as tall as an adult male.

According to media reports, the height of the monolith was about 10 to 12 feet (about 3 to 3.6 meters). Also, because it was firmly fixed to the ground, it is believed that it was intentionally installed by someone rather than a falling object.

Helicopter pilot Brett Hatchings told a local television station, 'I think it was the New Wave artist who installed it, or the famous 2001: A Space Odyssey.' I'm a big fan of. ' The staff who discovered the monolith were joking at the scene, saying, 'If one of them suddenly disappears, let's complete the investigation with the remaining members.'

The monthly magazine,

The Art Newspaper , points out the similarities between the monolith and the work of the minimalist artist John McCracken , who died in 2011. 'This is definitely John,' art dealer David Zwirner told The New York Times , saying that Monolith was McCracken's work.

However, Zwillner also told The Guardian , a major British newspaper, that 'Monolith is probably not the work of McCracken himself, but the work of a fellow artist who paid homage to him.' Also, according to the IT news site The Verge, there is an opinion on the net that it is the work of Petecia Le Fawnhawk , but Le Fawnhawk denied his involvement.

Utah officials avoided disclosing the location of the monolith from the perspective of protecting the natural environment, but the search for the monolith began immediately on the Internet, and soon the location that seemed to be the site of the monolith was identified.

The place is below. The satellite photos of Google Maps certainly show rock shades that look exactly like newsreels and columnar objects that cast long shadows.

Also, while there is no monolith in the satellite photo (left) of Google Maps taken in August 2015, there is a monolith in the satellite photo (right) of October 2016, so the monolith is installed. The period is expected to be between August 2015 and October 2016.

Utah officials pointed out that the monolith was 'installed on public land without permission.' Due to concerns that it was installed by destroying rocks that are part of the natural environment, and that if visits to the monolith become fashionable, tourists will threaten nature and the ecosystem of the sheep. The policy is to consider the implementation and removal of additional surveys.

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