Twitter solicits opinions for reissuing 'certified badge'

Twitter has begun soliciting opinions on the proposed policy to resume the issuance of 'certified badges' to prevent 'spoofing' that has been suspended since 2017.

Help us shape our new approach to verification

Call for opinions on Twitter's new certification program

'Certified badge' is a mechanism to prevent 'impersonation' of companies and celebrities that occur on SNS. Introduced in 2009 on Twitter, it initially issued badges by calling out to those that Twitter recognized as official accounts, but in 2016 a request system for obtaining badges appeared.

A request system for 'certified badges' that indicates that your Twitter account is genuine has appeared, and a summary of application methods --GIGAZINE

However, the process of issuing badges is unclear, and criticism continues, such as some accounts saying that they cannot receive badges even though they are official accounts. The request system will be suspended before the first two years.

Twitter suspends authentication process to review blue checkmark 'authenticated account' criteria --GIGAZINE

Twitter has announced that it will resume accepting authentication requests from 2021. We also have a policy on accounts that issue badges when the program resumes. However, this version is a starting point, and the categories and certification standards will be expanded in the next year. And we are soliciting opinions from users about the draft policy.

Twitter also said that 'authentication badges are not the only way to identify accounts' and will provide more ways to verify your identity through your profile, including new account types and labels. ..

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