Discovered a UFO that crashed in the Black Rock Desert near the area 51 in the USA

Many art works are exhibitedBurning manAt the venue Black Rock Desert there are churches made with photos, but this time I found a UFO that crashed and snapped into the ground.

About one third of UFO who crashed in the desert is buried in the ground.

Looking at the aircraft from the side looks like this.

Cockpit with round window.

The entrance of the cockpit is attached to the back side of the fuselage and it is supposed to be inside.

The entrance is full of two people passing.

There was no pilot seat etc in the cockpit.

From the window of the cockpit you can see the black rock desert a little.

When I came back at night, the UFO was lighted up.

People are gathering around the cockpit that vaguely shines in purple.

Flames are coming out from the top of the aircraft.

Occasionally raise a sound and fire a flame.

The back side of the aircraft is also lighted up.

Many people were crowded at the entrance of the cockpit.

Unfortunately UFO is not genuine, it is said that it was created by participants of Burning Man. In Burning Man, not only UFO but also various unique art works are displayed, and it is one of the pleasures to look completely different in day and night.

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