What is the building like modernism built in the middle of the desert?

Burning manWhen I was walking by the bicycle at the venue 's Black Rock Desert I found a strange building with a white color, so I went inside and went on a tour.

Everyone can freely enter buildings like white boxes.

A hand-painted picture etc on the outer wall is still pasted and stuck.

I am committed to setting posts as well.

Pictures taken by past burning man were displayed in the building.

I seem to be able to rise to the second floor with a ladder.

It's dangerous to hold it firmly with both hands as it is a steep ladder, but it is not unstable.

Pictures are displayed on the 2nd floor as well as on the 1st floor.

A man looking at the wall staring.

It is possible to go up to the third floor.

When you go up to the 3rd floor, you can overlook the desert spreading to the surroundings.

If you look closely it was written in the roof part as "Spaceship Loading Zone".

When the sun goes down and it is at night, the building was lighted up to create a fantastic atmosphere.

When it is lighted up, I get a completely different impression from daytime.

I will go up to the second floor.

Many people came to visit on the second floor.

Visitors seem to have come by riding bikes decorated cleanly with electric decorations.

I will head to the third floor.

A glittering night view as long as I almost forget to be in the desert.

Looking down, a fancy car decorated using fire was running. This is also a burning man.

It seems that there are various other huge artworks in the black rock desert which is the venue of the burning man, so I will report it as soon as it is discovered.

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