A submarine wrestling over 10,000 meters built over 800 million yen wrecked in the ocean floor

Because the sun required for photosynthesis does not reach deep inside the ocean, the environment and ecosystem are different from the surface layer, so in order to adapt to harsh environmental conditions such as water pressure, low water temperature, darkness and low oxygen condition, the organisms themselves We are evolving. There are few countries and organizations possessing manned and unmanned submersible and exploration vessels capable of large depth diving, so there are many parts that mankind has not elucidated. It was operated to explore such an environmentWHOI(Woods Hole Oceanographic Research Institute) built a robot submarine "NereusIt was wrecked during diving.

BBC News - Nereus deep sea sub 'implodes' 10 km - down

Nereus is in the northeast of New ZealandKelmadec TrenchThe explosion of the deep sea near 10,000 meters is estimated from the wreckage of the aircraft that a massive hydraulic pressure was hit in the aircraft and wrecked. WHOI'sTimothy ShankMr. Mr. commented that "Neleeus is the only vehicle that will deepen the understanding of unknown territory that even researchers can not understand for six years as a vehicle to investigate the earth and the underwater source of life" , The wreck of Nereus who played an important role for researchers may have been more painful than 800 million yen in construction cost. Nealee is capable of remote operation using automatic driving and support boat, and many innovative technologies were adopted in order to explore the deep sea where the previous submersible could not reach. About 2000 lithium-ion batteries were mounted on the aircraft, and the controller and the aircraft were used with optical fiber cables as thin as the hair.

Nealee is characterized by a yellow fuselage, with a fiber optic cable attached at the back.

The cable connected to the back of Nereus seems to be thicker than the hair, but seems to be using a rather thin one.

BritishUniversity of SouthamptonOceanographerJonathan CopleyMr. warns that "There is always risk that submarine dive in a deep ocean." Jonathan Copley said on his blog that "Currently there are only things that can be measured by remote control so far as to deep into the deep ocean so we need to gather more samples to know the pressure underwater, Although we have collected a lot of blind samples over more than a century, the deep sea has different environments, so it is not necessarily the case in the past in all areas, so we should take samples that recorded more detailed conditions I am claiming.

ByDeepwater Horizon Response

Now that I have lost Nereus, WHOI is likely to build a submarine again, but I'm curious what kind of aircraft and budget it will cost.

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