A squid that looks like an octopus octopus was discovered, too cute YouTube movie broke 800 thousand times playback

The video taken by the marine research team with Rossia pacifica creatures with the alias "Stubby Squid" has been released on YouTube, and it is said that the appearance of them is "like toys" or "it's too cute" .

Purple Googly-Eyed Stubby Squid Is Excellent

Marine research organizationOcean Exploration TrustThe image actually taken by Nautilus (Nautilus), a maritime exploration vessel, can be confirmed from the following. The number of times the movie has been played already exceeds 800,000 times, and when you see it, the state of excitement of the scientists is transmitted.

Googly-eyed Stubby Squid | Nautilus Live - YouTube

Stubby Squid normally lives in a form that fills the body in the ocean floor and emits only eyes from the sand. The habitat is in the North Pacific between Japan and America and California and has been confirmed between 300 and 1300 m of the sea so far. What is Stubby Squid on which part of the ocean floor where gobbled stones are scattered? I wonder ... ...

You can see that a lilac creature is reflected on the left edge of the screen.

When I uploaded the picture, it looks like this. Stubby Squid It looks like an intermediate between octopus and squid with round eye, but it is said that the organism is close to koika. From the crew who looked at the vivid purple body and round eyes, the voice called "like a fake" "The child seems to have dropped a toy" came up.

The movie was taken off the coast of California, at a depth of 900 meters.

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