120 million crabs dyed red Christmas island

On this Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean in the northwest of Australia, it is said that when the rainy season is entered, millet crabs will be breeding season and mating and spawning will be done all at once. Therefore, the surroundings are filled with crabs going to the coast and child crabs born, the roads and walls are made red. It is in a state as if you are shooting even in a monster panic movie.

The movie that understands the state of the island is from the following.
The red parts of the road are all crabs.
Christmas Island Red Crabs

When there is no crab, it looks like this. It is an ordinary island.
Christmas Island View # 3

The sea is also clear and beautiful.
Christmas Island View # 4

The official website of Christmas Island tourism office is here.
Whaleshark Diving - Sports Fishing Charter - Bird Watching Tour - Christmas Island

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