Cat's movie to clean your tail and chase after you

It is a movie that cats desperately chase their tails or licks them lickingly. Whether you are a one-person game or an instinct, you can watch how you are chasing after chasing a lot.

The playback of the movie is from the following.
A cat who follows a tail. It seems like manga as if chasing after spinning on the spot.
YouTube - Kitty chased his tail!

If you were playing with a belt, a cat that finds a moving tail and follows it. As soon as I got bored, I started adventuring in the house.
Ruby the kitten - adventures in tail - chasing - Google Video

A cat catching a tail.
YouTube - Kitten Tail-Cuddle

A cat cleaning the tail. In the meantime, I wanted to do it thoroughly, so I decided to lick hind legs and forefoots. Tail-End Fun

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