Movie of astronomer appealing that "Mars should not be considered as a reserve of the earth" is being released on YouTube

Mars is considered to be a planet of the solar system with an environment resembling the Earth, "It is highly likely that humans will migrate to Mars with the deterioration of the global environment." At NASAResearch aiming at Mars migration planIt is also done. However,"You should not consider Mars as a reserve for the EarthAbout the thing that astronomersLucien WokowiczMr.TEDA movie described at the lecture of the lecturer is being published on YouTube.

Let's not use Mars as a backup planet | Lucianne Walkowicz

"We are currently at the bifurcation point as to whether to abandon the Earth and emigrate to another planet," Lucian said.

NASA's spacecraft "Kepler"The planets outside the solar system were discovered in turn one after another, and the positioning of the earth in the universe was gradually understood.

"The Earth is only one of the myriad planets in the Milky Way," Lucian said.

Kepler is equipped with a telescope and drifts in outer space and observes subtle light changes that occur when planets traverse in front of stars. At the same time Kepler measures the size of the planet, the distance from the star where the planet revolves.

By doing so, we believe that the planet is of an affordable sizeEarth planet, And how much the amount of light that arrives from a fixed star is.

It is a hint that these conditions will tell you whether the planet is suitable for residence.

"Unfortunately, while discovering a new planet where we can live, the earth we live in now is being damaged by human activities," says Lucian.

Glaciers that have not melted for a long time have melted quickly in the past few decades, so environmental changes have progressed to a level that can not be handled by humans already.

"But I am not a meteorologist, it is an astronomer, I'm looking for a planet where humans can live and I am exploring the possibility that humans can live outside the earth," Lucian said.

Lucian says, "It's like searching for a real estate property," and a joke was skipped, laughter occurred at the venue.

However, the action of searching for a planet that can live outside the Earth, at the same time, forced to confirm "How the Earth is suitable for the survival of the human beings", and to have gratitude to the Earth about.

"Every time I find a new planet, I can not but compare the differences from the solar system," Lucian said.

When comparing Mars which is the nearest planet from the Earth with the Earth, Mars is a somewhat smaller earth planet, and when Kepler discovers it, it is said to be a type that is judged to be "possibly habitable".

Actually in the past it may have been a planet that humans could live in, which is also why Mars' exploration is active. Mars probe "Curio City"Searched for the traces of life and explored the surface of Mars.

Also on the Mars probeMAVEN"Gathers the atmosphere of Mars and is investigating why life died out of Mars.

"Private aerospace companies are thinking about not only short-term space travel but also residing on Mars," Lucian said.

The sight of Mars resembles the Earth's desert and recalls words such as 'pioneering' and 'frontier'.

However, when you actually compare Mars to the Earth, Mars is a very harsh environment, and even deserts where people do not live are very blessed compared to Mars.

The desert is certainly the most dry place on Earth, but its atmosphere has abundant oxygen released from tropical rainforests thousands of kilometers away.

"I am deeply worried about the influence of the sweet word" migration to Mars "," Lucian said.

"To the idea that we should immigrate to Mars next, even if we destroy this Earth that is suited to human survival as much as ourselves, as far as we know", Mr. Lucian is in direct opposition I will say.

Mr. Lucian blown "Even if there is an attractive point on Mars, treating Mars as a backup of the earth is that the captain of the Titanic says" the real party is held on the lifeboat " Laugh and applause climbed up from the venue to the black jokes saying "It's the same."

Lucian says "Thank you" and responds to customer satisfaction.

Lucian says that looking for a planet where humans can live outside of the earth and protecting the earth are not situated at the opposite extremes, but rather as a back and forth relationship. Both of them say that the ultimate goal of understanding and protecting life is the same for the future.

Even the surface of Mars and the harsh places on Earth are the same in that people are hard to live, but at least the place on Earth is right next to us. Knowing the way people live there will also lead to the protection of the global environment, which will also expand the possibilities of living on extraterrestrial planets.

"Finally,"Fermi's paradoxLet's talk about "Lucian.

Italian physicistEnrico Fermi"Even though we know that the universe exists for a very long time and there are countless planets, the alien has not been found yet." Where on earth are the aliens? " Told.

This pointed out the inconsistency that occurred between the high possibility of an alien and the fact that contact with the aliens does not exist until now.

The answer to Fermi's paradox that Mr. Lucian advocates says, "In advanced civilizations where technology embarks on other planets, they forget to defend their home towns that created them, which leads to their own destruction." something like.

"It is arrogant to think that migrating to other planets will prevent the destruction of human beings," Lucian says.

However, planet exploration and earth protection can be compatible. "Before we think about moving to Mars in a harsh environment, we should preserve the environment of this planet where we live," Lucian said.

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