Should mankind search for extraterrestrial life bodies around the universe?

Celestial bodies that can exist life forms besides the earth are found one after another, but extraterrestrial life bodies have not been found so far. YouTube's educational channel TED-Ed explains the question "Is it really necessary to investigate whether mankind is the only living organism?"

Should we be looking for life elsewhere in the universe? - Aomawa Shields - YouTube

Astronomers have discovered thousands of objects around the stars other than the sun.

The size of the celestial body and the distance from the star differ depending on the celestial bodies. Even the nearest star from the Earth is several trillion kilometers away from the Earth, so even if using a high-performance telescope it is far enough to be seen as a blurry spot.

If these objects are as large as the Earth, neither too close nor too far from a star ... ...

If the surface is covered with rocks and there are heavenly bodies with oceans, perhaps extraterrestrials may exist.

Astrobiologists have found many such "life-like potentially viable objects". By investigating the celestial bodies in detail, "Is it possible to make substances that build life in environments far from the earth?" "Is humanity the sole intellectual life form of the universe?" "The civilization of intellectual life forms other than Earth Is it also present in the question "Can answer the question.

But first of all there is the question of whether to investigate "human beings are the only intellectual life forms"?

Is it a wise option to discover celestial bodies that may have life and contact themselves with living bodies living in that star?

About 30 years ago, NASA concluded "Yes."

In 1977, Voyager 1 and 2 were sent out to explore the large objects in the solar system.

Each spacecraft is "Voyager Golden RecordsIt is equipped with a golden record called.

The record is packed with a message to convey the civilization of humanity as it is a kind of so-called time capsule.

The content to be mentioned in the record was decided by the committee chaired by Mr. Karl Sagan of American astronomer.

In addition to more than 100 images, the sound of waves and ... ...

Sound of thunder

Bird's Cry

Many natural sounds, including whale voice, were recorded.

Music of various cultures and times, 55 greetings of greetings ... ...

A message from Mr. Jimmy Carter and Secretary General of the United Nations that was then President of the United States was also included.

In addition, a map showing the position of the solar system where we live is also included in the record. There are 14PulsarIt marked the position of.

If it is a highly intelligent extraterrestrial life body to discover a record, it is so that it can be used as a way guide to come to the earth.

But a few years later, Dr. Steven Hawking says "It was a mistake to give a guide map to the planet to aliens."

Dr. Hawking predicts that even if there are extraterrestrial life forms, it will be as simple a structure as microorganisms.

And warning of the case that such an alien invaded the earth as if there were life forms with high intelligence.

While doing so, the record keeps on traveling. In 1990, Voyager 1 and 2 passed too close to Pluto.

Voyager 1 is in the interstellar space in 2012

It is expected to arrive at the nearest star system from the earth within 40,000 years.

If Voyager 1 was found in extraterrestrials, ...

They may read the contents of the record and come to the earth.

If there is a highly developed life body than a human being, there is a possibility of visiting the earth. Such life forms are probably considered favorable.

Because human beings are aiming for a journey to the interstellar space, it is presumed that intellectual life forms will also be considered the same way.

However, some of the extraterrestrial life forms may be hostile.

Looking for a celestial body where life exists exists is the same as searching for a deep hole in the bottom.

The process of detailed evolution about the life on the earth has not been revealed. Therefore, looking to the universe is risky.

However, by solving the mystery of extraterrestrial life forms, there is a possibility that it may become a mystery clue of "why human beings were born", and ignoring this and thinking that it is more risky to not turn their eyes .

Everyone is born with curiosity. Pursuing curiosity is one of the great achievements of human beings.

By having contact with extraterrestrial life forms, we also have the potential to evolve the science of mankind.

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