About "Green altimeter observatory" explained in animation movie about "Do you have an alien?"

About any question that one of us has imagined once "There is an alien with a higher level of civilization than the Earth somewhere in the vast universe"Royal Observatory of GreenwichThere is a movie to explain in animation.

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Is there an extraterrestrial life entity (alien)?

We have never seen an alien. But of course it is not possible to say that there are no aliens.

In order to find an alien, you need to look at the universe from the Earth.

Astronomers have discovered many planets shining brightly in the universe.

Will these stars do not grow life?

In order for life to be born, the star needs two elements "water" and "oxygen".

However, even if there is water and oxygen, it takes a long time for life to come out.

By the time the first cell on the planet was born, it took a billion of years since the solar system was formed.

CyanobacteriumIt will take another 200 million years to appear.

After that, the oxygen concentration on the Earth rose rapidly ... ...

Methane gas dramatically decreased.

As a result, the Ice Age came.

Through the ice ages, complicated organisms thrived in the next billion years.

Today, there are creatures on the earth even under extreme environments such as hydrothermal vents on the bottom of the ocean.

Some can survive in outer spaceBearbearAs much as there are.

In theory, life forms should exist also in harsh environments, and the question as to whether or not an alien exists ultimately seems to be about the problem of how to discover that life form.

Let's imagine that the aliens are looking for the same alien life as the earthling.

Grise 581cIt is a famous hypothesis that an alien (Grieze) lives in the Grease people and they are searching for living organisms other than their own.

There is a possibility that life forms exist in "Mars" "Earth" "Venus" in the solar system.

Considering the distance from the sun, water can exist in liquid in these three stars.

In order to investigate whether life exists, the Gleze people will examine whether there is a different gas from the refractive index of the atmosphere.

Grieze people who found life on earth are departing for exploration of earthling people with spacecraft.

However, if the science and technology of the Grieze's civilization is comparable to that of earthlings ......

It will take 400,000 years for the Glize to reach the earth.

Also, the Glize may use strong electromagnetic waves as a signal as earth people do.

However, since it is necessary for 20 years to reach the Earth after sending electromagnetic waves, it is doubtful whether we can communicate well.

In the first place, if the history of the universe 13.8 billion years is considered as one year, that is, 8760 hours, there is only a very shallow history that a modern earthlinger was born just 8 seconds ago.

It is no wonder why many aliens appeared and it disappeared after the birth of many civilizations during the "one year" far before the Earthling people developed civilization "8 seconds ago" .

It is very exciting to imagine an alien who is sophisticated and highly intelligent like an alien ......

As a matter of fact, even discovering microbes outside the earth is not yet realized.

However, the opportunity to find extraterrestrials may be rolling on stars near the Earth.

Many satellites of Jupiter and Saturn are made up of layers of ice and it is no wonder that liquid water is hidden in it.

In the future you may find life forms that you do not imagine by exploring the oceans on the surface of these satellites.

When there is an alien with civilization far advanced than the Earth, as the ultimate form of getting the energy of a fixed star efficiently, it surrounds the entire stellar structure "Dyson Ball"Was placed and the possibility to utilize the radiated energy without dropping off was proposed by Astrophysicist Freeman Dyson.

ByKevin Gill

It was announced on 11th September 2015paperAccording to the space telescope Kepler photographing a part of the scapegoat with high resolution, it was found that "KIC 8462852" is dimming aperiodically and can not be explained as a natural shield I found that it is around the fixed stars. about this,From a part of astronomers pointed out that it is an artificial structure like "Dyson sphere" (universe)?There seems to be a voice that expects the existence of an alien with advanced civilization in the far distant world of the earth is rising.

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