How to make 'the second earth' human beings can live in

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To the increasing population of the world, the earth10 billion peopleIt is thought that food and others can be secured with "the land of the earth" to the scale somehow. But,World population reaches 11.2 billion in 2100As it is predicted by the United Nations that there is a prediction of the United Nations, it is also seen that it will be impossible to feed all humankind only by the Earth within 100 years, but it may be a bold solution to such problems, It is a migration to a planet with a similar environment. We are publishing educational-related movies on YouTube as a way to create a "second earth" that has the same environment as the EarthLife NogginIt introduces.

How Could We Create A Second Earth? - YouTube

If humanity continues to waste the resources of the earth at the pace so far, there will be a need to head towards other planets with more resources in the near future.

However, we can not help saying that the possibility that the planet is an environment where humans can live is infinitely small.

So, that planetTera FormingCan we change it to an environment where people can live?

Mars is thought to be a planet capable of this terraforming. Mars is literally the "planet next to" the Earth, and it is also a place with quite good conditions as an alternative planet to the Earth.

It is said that the atmosphere of Mars is very thin compared with that of Earth, and it is said that it is only 1% of the earth. Also, its breakdown is mostly carbon dioxide, which is toxic to humans.

Also, since Mars is located farther from the Sun than the Earth, the temperature is minus 63 degrees with a combination with a thin atmosphere.

Furthermore, since Mars does not have a layer of magnetic field, there is nothing to prevent radiation flying from outer space even on the surface.

In addition, the gravity is one-third compared with the Earth. In other words, what you want to say is that you need to make a big deal of effort to make an environment where humans can live even on Mars.

The first thing we should address is to change the atmosphere of Mars. It is necessary to make Mars the thin atmosphere more dense and further change the substances that make up the atmosphere. One of the recommended ways to do thatgreenhouse effectWhat to wake.

The greenhouse effect makes it possible for the heat of the sun to reflect in the atmosphere and raise the temperature of the planet.

There are various ways to cause greenhouse effect, using methane gas in the rock ... ...

It can also be caused by using carbon dioxide or using ammonia.

A comet that contains a lot of moisture flying out of the solar system releases ammonia when it crumbles.

Since most of the ammonia is nitrogen, if you can grow plants and supply oxygen, you can also make the Martian atmosphere similar to that of the Earth. Furthermore, it is possible to raise the atmospheric pressure to a level where humans can survive if the density of the atmosphere increases. And when it comes to this level, the atmosphere plays a role of warming the entire planet, and it seems that other things to do for terraforming can be done more easily.

When the whole planet gets warmer you can obtain water by unraveling the ice crown of Mars ......

It is possible to nurture life on the whole planet.

However, there is no layer of magnetic field on Mars, so there is nothing to prevent radiation from flying from space.

It was 4,200 million years ago that the layer of Magnetic's magnetic field disappeared.

After that, Mars continued being exposed to intense solar wind and solar flares, and it seems that the atmosphere also became thin in this.

The rock of Mars contains carbon dioxide which has a greenhouse effect, but when it is tried to increase the atmosphere by using it, it seems that the atmosphere will eventually decrease with radiation and solar wind after all. In other words, Mars is out of the question for terraforming.

So it is Venus of the planet that is also in the neighborhood to appear as a new option.

Venus has a dense atmosphere than the Earth ... ...

The temperature is quite high, 460 degrees. So, in order to change to an environment where humans can live, we need to make bigger steps as well.

As a method of terraforming, a large amount of hydrogen is injected from a gas planet ... ...

It is a method of generating graphite and water and turning the entire planet into the ocean. If we can lower the atmospheric pressure to the earth level by adding nitrogen, we can make environment similar to the earth.

There is also a plan to teraby Mercury. Water and organic fine particles are present in the Arctic part of Mercury, so if you create a huge mirror and send sunlight there, you may be able to melt the ice.

And if you can make a small bubble-like dome, you may be able to live in the surroundings. Moreover, it seems that this idea may be feasible even in the month.

In addition, it is possibly the second satellite of JupiterEuropaIt may be possible to teraborate.

If we can melt the ice on the surface of Europa, the oxygen released by the melting of the ice forms the atmosphere and we can also produce water essential for life.

Furthermore, it is a satellite of SaturnTitanIt may be possible to perform terraforming with. However, it is necessary to create a large amount of oxygen.

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