It turns out that there are planets that can exist life with an environment similar to the Earth near the Earth

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The nearest to the solar system "Proxima CentauriA planet that revolves around a star called "the star" was discovered. Discovered planets can have water as liquid and have an environment resembling the Earth.

A terrestrial planet candidate in a temperate orbit around Proxima Centauri: Nature: Nature Research

Planet Found in Habitable Zone Around Nearest Star | ESO

The planet discovered by astronaut Guillem Anglada-Escudé's research team at Queen Mary University was named "Proxima b". Proxima b discovered using HARPS, a spectrometer installed in the telescope at the La Chiya Observatory in Chile, surrounded Proxima Centauri, which is 4.22 light years away from the sun, closest to the solar system, in cycles of 11.2 days It is a revolving planet.

The distance between Proxima b and Proxima Centauri is 7 million km, which is only 5% of the distance from the earth to the sun. Survey shows that the planet's mass is at least 1.3 times that of the Earth, and it is an environment suitable for life to be bornHabitable zoneIt has been found that the surface temperature is suitable for water to exist in liquid.

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Although it was not known whether liquid exists in proxy b at the time of investigation, it may be present only in the tropical zone of the planet. However, Proxima b may be influenced by ultraviolet rays emitted from Proxima Centauri or X-ray flare, and its strength is stronger than ultraviolet rays received from the sun and solar flare. There is also a possibility that strong radiation may be falling from Proxima Centauri, so it is considered that the climate is quite different from the Earth and the season like the Earth does not exist.

It is a big discovery that water that is close to the earth and essential for life to live can exist in liquid form, and will be observed in the next generation telescope "European super large telescope" to be constructed in Chile from now on, It seems to clarify whether life exists.

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