Earth-sized planets where life can exist are discovered

For the first time outside the solar system 500 light years away from the earth,Habitable zoneA planet with the possibility that water exists as a liquid in "Kepler 186 f"Was discovered by the Kepler Space Telescope.

First Potentially Habitable Earth-Sized Planet Confirmed by Keck and Gemini Observatories | W. M. Keck Observatory

"Kepler 186 series" centered on the M1 type dwarf, which has a temperature lower than the sun, located in the Czyknos constellation (Cygnus) which is 500 light years away from the earth has a composition relatively close to the solar system I will.

It has been confirmed that M1 type dwarfs have five planets in the periphery, of which four planets are orbiting in very short orbit at high temperature.SETI AssociationAnd NASAAmes Research CenterAccording to Elisa Quintana and others'KeplerOne of the five planets discovered by the Space Telescope "Kepler 186f" is circling in the habitable zone about 1.1 times the size of the Earth and there is a high possibility that water exists as a liquid, There is also the possibility to do.

After that, these planets were also confirmed from the Keck Observatory and the Gemini Observatory, and it was confirmed from other data and numerical calculation method that the existence of Kepler 186f was 99.98% surely. Although it is difficult to confirm the existence of life and water, the composition of the mass and the planet is not clear, but co-author of the paper and Steve Howell, scientist of the Kepler Project says, "What we can do is that this planet "We are planning to continue investigating the global planet that exists in the habitable zone that was discovered for the first time.

The paper on Kepler 186f is "ScienceIt is published in.

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