Animation that can understand the star "Red Dwarf" of the hope of mankind that shines until the end of the universe

Approximately 200,000 people applied for one-way flight Mars migration planAlthough it is exploring the possibility that human beings can live on planets other than the earth such as doing it, it is said that the land of anxiety of human beings will be lost in the solar system, not to mention Mars, after one billion years. It is thought that human beings can immigrate to such far away in the future, the stars that have a lifetime that continues to shine until the end of the universeRed dwarfAlthough it is a planet in the surroundings, what kind of star it is a one-piece red dwarf is explained in an easy-to-understand animation.

The Last Star in the Universe - Red Dwarfs Explained - YouTube

If all the stars burn out and the last day of the universe comes, the last star is probably "red dwarf".

It is said that red dwarfs will become the last residence of mankind from its characteristics.

Celestial bodies emitting light themselves like the sun are "A star"70% of the stars in the universe are red dwarfs.

The red dwarf is small in size as a star and its mass is about 7% to 50% of the sun, but it is still a solar system planetJupiterIt is a far bigger star.

It is huge that it is not comparable with the Earth, and it enters a very dark class as a star.

I can not confirm the red dwarf floating in the night sky with the naked eye ... ...

With the development of science and technology, it is possible to observe red dwarfs near Earth, and nearly 20 red dwarfs have been confirmed around the earth.

As for the red dwarf, it will fusion as well as other stars. A large star like the sun fuses with nucleus, which is a high density region inside a celestial body, but red dwarfs cause fluid fusion within the entire interior.

Because there is less hydrogen as a fuel, nuclear fusion reactions are gently carried out, which means that fuel consumption is slow.

Because it burns slowly over time, the average life expectancy of red dwarfs is expected to be 1 trillion to 10 trillion years. On the other hand, the life expectancy of the sun is estimated to be 5 billion years remaining.

Also, since the age of the universe is now 13.7 billion years, there are no dead red dwarfs so far.

That is, the red dwarfs are all still in the state of a baby.

The red dwarf is the smallest size that can be a star, but if it is a smaller star it can not fuse nuclear, so you can not become a star "Brown dwarf"Will be.

For organisms, what kind of place is red dwarf?

If the sun dies, mankind is forced to throw away the earth and emigrate somewhere. If there is a place where living beings can spend comfortably, there is a possibility that an alien already resides.

According to previous observations, it is known that half of the red dwarf systems found have small planets less than half the size of the Earth.

Some of such planets also have "red distance" as red dwarfs that water can exist as liquid.

However, because the red dwarf has a lower temperature than the sun ... ...

"Good distance" is much closer than the distance between the sun and the earth. A "good distance" in the red dwarf system is generally thought to be about the distance between the sun and Mercury.

Such feeling of distance brings about problems. Because the distance is too close, the direction of the planet is fixed, and the same face always faces the red dwarf that emits light without rotating. Then the face facing the red dwarf is incredibly hot ... ...

The backside is frozen and the environment is born, where it is difficult for living things to live.

Not all planets in the red dwarf system are such environments, for example if there is a large ocean on the planet, there is the possibility that the heat will be dispersed and become a stable environment.

However, as the distance is close, the gravity also becomes stronger, so the shape of the planet is angular and water may evaporate and it may not exist. In that case, eventually it will become a burning hell like Venus.

The stability of the energy emitted from the red dwarf is also an important issue. If a sunspot appears on the red dwarf and the light continues to fall below 40%, the sea of ​​the planet freezes.

Also, if a powerful flare spews out, the red dwarf will double its brightness in a matter of minutes, burning the majority of the surrounding planet's atmosphere.

It sounds like a tough candidate as a migrant destination, but having a long life is a big advantage. If activity could discover a stable red dwarf system, it might become a place of permanent residence of mankind who can live for several trillion years.

Earth's life has existed for 4 billion years, but the sun is expected to get too hot after 1 billion years. In that case, mankind will not be able to live on the earth, so we need to select the place of residence.

In the red dwarf system, it is believed that there are about 5% planet resembling the Earth ... ...

Approximately 4 billion pieces are counted in number.

Even if there are no planets similar to the Earth at affordable places, they have massive gaseous planets' satellites and several times the mass of the EarthSuper earthAre also listed as candidates.

It is likely that about 60 billion planets in total are considered to exist around red dwarfs in the galaxy, so the situation that "migrants can not be found" may not occur.

Although it is a distant future story, for these reasons, the red dwarf is regarded as a significant star for mankind.

In addition, red dwarfs will also have a lifetime in a few trillion years ... ...

Large things like big explosion involving the surroundings will not happen. The mass shrinks and "Blue dwarf"become……

When it burns out,White dwarf"Will be.

The size of the white dwarf is as large as the Earth, mostly composed of helium.

A white dwarf without an energy source will take a further trillion trillion over the final form "Black dwarf"Will be. Regarding black dwarfs, they are going to explain with another movie.

In other words, it takes a long time to imagine until the last day of the universe ... ...

If human beings can advance into space, there is plenty of time to fully enjoy the light that replaces the sun.

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