I ate "Mushroom Mountain" and Italian Chestnut Mont Blanc Ice with Susilrow Autumn Dessert "Mont Blanc Parfait of the Mountain of Mushrooms"

A collaboration menu commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Meiji "mountain of mushrooms" launch and the 31st anniversary of Sculault establishment "Mont Blanc Parfait of Mushrooms"Has appeared on Friday, October 16. I actually tried going to eat the parfa which combined the original Montblanc ice with chestnuts from Italy and the crispy texture of the mushroom mountain.

【10/16 (Friday) ~】 'Mont Blanc Parfait of the Mushroom Mountain' appears for a limited time only!

The first collaboration with the revolving sushi chain "Susiro"! "Mont Blanc Parfait of the Mushroom Mountain" New release Started selling for a limited time at all Suzylo stores from Friday, October 16, 2015

Arrived at Susirow.

When sitting in the seat and looking at the menu ......

I found a pop of "Mont Blanc Parfait of the Mountain of Mushrooms" at the top of the rotating lane.

In addition, there was Mont Blanc Parfae of the mountain of mushrooms also in the desk menu table. I'm worried about what kind of taste it was "sold out by adult Wasabi Aisu" ....

When ordering with a desk 's interphone, Mont - Blanc Parfait of Mushroom' s mountain flowed over the rotating lane in about 10 minutes to wait.

This is Mont Blanc Parfait of Mushroom Mountain. The price is 259 yen including tax.

Montblanc ice and chocolate ice are on sale at the top of the parfait.

Looking at the other side, the top of the whipped cream was filled with the frozen strawberries and the mountain of mushrooms.

A laughing face was drawn on the axis of the mushroom mountain "FukushikoIt was included. It is kind of a lucky mood.

First of all, trying to eat from a light brown MontBlanc Ice, you can enjoy chestnuts' sweet sweetness with chestnuts crushed finely into smooth smooth chestnut ice cream. Since the ice itself is moderately sweet, it is like an impression that it was made on the assumption of eating in combination with other toppings such as chocolate sauce and panna cotta.

Choco Ice is well-balanced between the sweetness and bittersweet of milk chocolate, compatibility with whipped cream with strong sweetness and rich chocolate sauce is outstanding.

When trying to eat the mountain of mushrooms, the shaft part was slightly moist and softened by absorbing the water content of ice cream and whipped cream, but the texture of crispy remains in the central part. The mushroom part of the mushroom has chocolate overlapping in two layers, and although it is a mountain of mushrooms that is perfect for eating alone, it is quite ant even as a parfait topping. You can enjoy a different texture and sweetness than the classic topping wafer.

In the center part of the cup, a rich chocolate source is entwined with a trolley in a crunchy puff.

Panna cotta in the bottom is a soft and smooth texture.

You can enjoy all kinds of sweet and sweet dessert, trying all the toppings together and eating it all together. In a rich sweetness, the acidity of strawberries was a good accent.

In addition, 'Mont Blanc Pafe of Mushroom Mountain' is being sold at each Sushiro store, but handling may be different depending on the store, so it seems to be good to go to eat after inquiring beforehand.

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