Why does humanity exist at this moment in time?

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What is a black hole? ' Channel Kurzgesagt summarizes 'Why does humanity exist now?' in a short 1 minute video.

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'Why does mankind exist in this age of the universe?'

The universe is said to have been created by

the big bang .

Approximately 13.8 billion years have passed since the Big Bang, but why does humanity exist at this moment?

Wasn't there room for intelligent life forms to develop a technological civilization before humans did?

It is said that the environment in the ancient universe was extremely difficult for life to be born or flourish.

This is because newborn stars are constantly exploding, and not only the stars but also the galaxies themselves collide with each other.

The huge black hole created by this collision emits a large amount of radiation, which seems to be enough energy to destroy the galaxy multiple times. In other words, the universe at this time was not an environment suitable for the birth of life like now.

The sun is born in space after the explosion of stars, the generation of black holes, and other explosive energy that destroys galaxies is released over and over again. Kurzgesagt points out that the timing for the birth of life is suitable for the birth of life after about 4.6 billion years ago when the sun was born.

In other words, Kurzgesagt explains that human beings are ``life forms that were born in a very convenient place (earth) at the most reasonable timing for life to thrive''.

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