'Signals suspected to be alien traces' are detected by China's giant radio telescope

In June 2022, it was reported that the sample brought back from the Japanese spacecraft 'Hayabusa2' from the asteroid 'Ryugu' contained amino acids, which is a great evidence that the origin of life is in space. It has become a hot topic. Meanwhile, a research team at Beijing Normal University announced that the giant radio telescope ' 500-meter spherical radio telescope (FAST) ' detected ' a signal suspected to be a trace of extraterrestrial civilization .'

Search for extraterrestrial civilization, 'Chinese heavenly eye' development suspicion signal

China detects possible'extraterrestrial civilizations;' state media reports | KXAN Austin

FAST is a radio telescope that started construction in 2011 in China and has been in operation since 2016. The diameter of the mirror surface of FAST is 500m, and at the time of construction, it was appealing as the world's largest radio telescope because of its huge size and high search performance. Such FAST is working on ' detection of interstellar communication by extraterrestrial civilization ' as one of its main missions, and was expected to discover traces of extraterrestrial civilization.

The world's largest 500-meter radio telescope 'FAST' to accelerate the search for aliens starts operation in China --GIGAZINE

Then, on June 14, 2022, a research team at Beijing Normal University announced that it had detected 'traces of extraterrestrial civilization and suspicious signals' from the data observed by FAST. However, the research team said about the detected signal, 'The trace of extraterrestrial civilization and the suspicious signal are very likely to be noise caused by some kind of wireless communication. Therefore, it is necessary to continue scrutinizing the signal, but it is necessary to scrutinize it. Needs a long time. '

According to the Chinese science media 'Science and Technology Daily', the research team announced the detection of 'traces of extraterrestrial civilization and suspicious signals' in 2020 as well. The Science and Technology Daily points out that FAST has the characteristics of 'wide observable range' and 'high sensitivity', so it is suitable for detecting communications by extraterrestrial civilization.

At the Arecibo Observatory , which was operating as the world's largest radio telescope before the construction of FAST, the message ' Arecibo Message' for extraterrestrial civilization was sent in 1974, and efforts to search for extraterrestrial civilization are being made. It was done, but the Arecibo Observatory collapsed in 2020 due to repeated accidents. 'Now that the Arecibo Observatory has collapsed, FAST will be the flag bearer of the search for extraterrestrial civilization,' the Science and Technology Daily said.

The world's largest radio telescope of 'Arecibo Observatory' will be dismantled after two major accidents in 3 months --GIGAZINE

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