I tried staying at "Thisltle Express Luton" cheap hotel in the suburbs of London filled with mall direct & free complimentary breakfast buffet

Luton Airport, which is an hour bus ride from London, is one of Europe's top LCC 'easyJetIt is a hub airport which holds many lines of ". A hotel directly connected to the mall in Luton Airport "Thisltle Express Luton"I got a high reputation from various travel websites at a cheap rate of 1/3 of London hotels with high hotel rates, so I tried staying at once. Then, I realized that there is also excellent hotel in UK which is cheaper than the superior class business hotel in Tokyo with comfort.

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Bus stop in front of Luton airport on the outskirts of London. It often happens that LCC "easyJet" arrives at Luton Airport late at night from all over Europe, and it arrived at Luton Airport around 10:30 pm this evening. When arriving late at night at Luton Airport, the hotel "Thisltle Express Luton" which is close to the airport is useful.

Take the bus to the nearest bus stop. Greenline's bus fare was 3 pounds (about 450 yen).

The nearest bus stop is as follows.

Thisltle Express Luton is a hotel inside the mall "The Mar", so you can walk aiming at the mall. The mall could be found ahead of the square in less than 3 minutes' walk.

Entrance of the mall. Unfortunately the mall was closed and it was closed with a shutter even when entering the entrance. I walked around the mall looking for the entrance of the hotel, but I only get to the parking lot. Entrance of the hotel could not be found even if we went around the mall once.

Finally, I heard from the mall security guards that the route that I can reach the hotel after closing the mall is only from the stairs next to the mall entrance. It is the stairs in the arrow of the photo.

When I climb the stairs with my mind like RPG player "Are there stairs in such places!"

Contact door with the mall. When the mall is open, it seems that the mall will head to the hotel.

In the back of the passage seen from the mall contact door ......

There was an entrance to Thisltle Express Luton. The date has changed when we reached around the mall by relying on Google Maps at last.

Hotel counter. Usually two people are on standby.

There is a cafe corner near the hotel entrance.

Two cafe machines.

In Thisltle Express Luton, the cafe is a free service.

Walking around for about an hour in the cold weather, the warmth of cappuccino touched the body of the tremor, "I might be going to bed at the airport as the hotel is not found ...".

In the elevator, the hotel color green.

In the elevator hall, a modern business hotel was equipped with a door that is not similar.

The corridor also has a chic atmosphere.

Enter with the card key.

Since it is not a type of attaching a light key by inserting a card key, it is possible to charge a PC, a smartphone, etc. while going out. .

Beyond the aisle ... ...

A double size bed. It is the size that two adults can easily sleep.

There are 5 cushions in total.

A side table next to the bed.

The outlet is "G" type. In the center also equipped with Type-A USB port, charging of the smartphone has been improved.

The desk facing the bed is spacious.

Round shaped mirror on the front.

My feet are also spacious and it seemed to be easier to put on a suitcase.

A 12.1-inch notebook PC with Letsnote CF-SZ 6 PC is vertically sized to accommodate 2 rows so that desk work is possible extremely comfortably. Wi-Fi speed was about 70 Mbps and it was comfort itself.

40 inch LCD TV seen while sleeping in bed.

The air conditioner is made by Daikin.

The back of the bed is a space that even if you spread a large suitcase.

The wall is equipped with a central heating system that makes it easy to get rid of the coldness of the UK.

In addition, it became double window, measures against cold was perfect.

Closet at the entrance

A type of security box and storage space to specify the number. It is a dryer that looks in the back.

Iron and ironing board were also prepared in the closet.

There is a huge full-length mirror next to the closet.

Humorous lines in full-length looks. The room of Thistle Express was sprinkled with words coming with this kind of instinctively at various places.


It was not a hot water toilet seat.

Wash basin

In addition, the washbasin had an outlet of the same shape as Japan of 115 V, and it was possible to charge the battery without conversion adapter.


Shampoo and body soap are also provided.

Thistle Express can eat buffet type breakfast for free.

Bacon, potatoes, pulses etc ... ....

Salad, fruit, cheese.

There is plenty of freshly baked bread.

Of course the coffee is enriched. Other milk, orange, apple, grape roots juice etc. were also prepared.

The point was quite expensive to be able to eat breakfast free of both quality and quantity.

After breakfast, entering the mall from the passage in front of the hotel ......

Every shop is at the beginning of Christmas sale. Inside the mall there are restaurants, movie theaters, shops where you can buy souvenirs and apparel shops like H & amp; M, so I realized the convenience of the hotel's mall.

The hotel "Itltle Express Luton" which is close to Luton Airport has the same comfort as a business hotel in Japan as well as the convenience of being directly connected to the mall, so it will travel back and forth from Luton Airport to various parts of Europe It was a very convenient hotel. At the time of article creation, when the double room costs 44.1 pounds (about 6600 yen) per night, the hotel fee is about one-third the level of London, so if you are saying "For sightseeing purposes, return to the hotel for the purpose of London" I felt that it might be ant to stay at "Thisltle Express Luton" in a place that dare took a bus from London by bus for one hour.

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