We have enjoyed eating stuffed with yakiniku at "Ishida Ushida" which can taste cow's juicy umami plenty of grilled meat cheaply

When it comes near the end of the year, things that will become busy anyhow at work or private. Even if I can not rest at such a difficult time slowly, at least meal is the place where I want to eat stickyly even with grilled meat to cultivate spirit. It seems that more people are enjoying "Yakiniku" alone these days, but the grilled meat shop in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture "Kazunari UshidaIn other, it is that you can enjoy standing eating roasted meat that you can not see much. Since I became interested, I actually went and experienced stomping roast meat.

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Kazunari Ushida (Ushidokazari) - Motomachi / Yakiniku [Eating Log]

"Ushida Kazunari" is a grilled beef store located in Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture. address"Hyogo Prefecture Kobe City Chuo Ward Northern Noritsu 4-1-5".

From the east exit of JR Motomachi station, go out to the mountain side of the station and cross the traffic lights.

"Ishida Kazunari" was in a corner where barber streets lined where signals came across. On the first floor of a brick building overflowing Kobe, the lanterns decorated in the shop are exuding a taste. "Kazunari Ushida" is opening at 15 o'clock, so it is okay even for a slightly earlier time zone to drink.

A sign written in front of the store, "Would you like to go out with meat?" Prices are also reasonably priced from Yakiniku 680 yen, Hormone 300 yen, Draft beer and Chu Hai 290 yen.

On the other small signboard, "steak eating meat" was written firmly.

There were five counter seats and three table seats for two people in the shop calming down like a hideout.

There was a folding chair behind the counter seat. "Kazushige Ushida" is a standing eater yakiniku store, but you can also sit by spreading a chair yourself.

There was a grill on both the counter and table seats. It is said that the net is being replaced by each customer, so you can enjoy eating and grilling in a clean environment.

This time we will order "1000 yen set" for 20 o'clock only from 15 o'clock. Harami and hormone mix, potato salad and a drink of 1000 yen is a very profitable feeling. Furthermore, the drink was a system of choosing a cup from "draft beer, chuhai highball".

Draft beer and potato salad ordered immediately arrived.

While the potato salad is moist and moist, it keeps an exquisite balance of texture that does not collapse as it is ragged. It was a tasty taste to my stomach before I ate roast and grilled meat.

Although it is before the main roast meat arrives, I drink beer on the slightly saltish of the potato salad.

About 5 minutes after draft beer and potato salad came, there were harami and hormone mix,YaninHas been provided.

There are two thick calamus and hormone mix comes out with a total of six kinds of hormones plus assorted. I thought that "the amount is a little less because it is 1000 yen set of roasted meat ...", but it was more than expected volume.

Yannin is a seasoning made by crushing spices such as chillies with a mixer and then mixing. Because Yannin offered at this shop does not use sauce (jean) such as miso and soy sauce, it is said that it is called "Yannin" instead of "Yanninjang".

I will bake it from the hormone quickly. It seems that beer will advance even just by watching the hormones burning while keeping the sound of jujuu and oil running.

Grilled hormone"Hormone" in "refers to whole meat including site that was once discarded, excluding major parts that you often hear, such as sirloin and carbi. If I do not have much familiarity, I will say "hormone" bitefully, but if you divide it finelyNumerous kindsthere is. It is said that the breakdown of the hormone mix of the 1000 yen set will change on that day, but this time, "Takenoko (part of the artery near the heart)" "lever (liver)" "Basara (lung)" " Colon) "" Senmai (third stomach) "" Akasen (fourth stomach) "were six types.

Since the hormone mix has undergarments, eat as it is after baking OK.

Among the hormone mix, this hemp fish made me feel zori sori "This is hormone ......" It made me feel. When you are feeling while firmly crunchy in your mouth, the umami of meat and leeks come out.

When you want to change the taste, put a little Yannin put on a small plate, goo. Pepper's hotness will have an impact on the umami of hormones.

Harami is a major meat often seen other than hormone roasting, but it is one of the hormones because it is a diaphragm of a cow. It was juicy enough that the meat was so soft that it could easily be chewed with teeth while leaving a sense of flesh firmly, and the meat juice overflowed as a croaker.

Although it is slightly early, I ordered a second cup without dying. This time I tried high ball (250 yen including tax).

Even with a 1000 yen set, I had enough satisfaction to enjoy a little roast and enjoy grilled meat, but I will order a little more because I am impatient. First I ordered 'Achilles Ponds' (250 yen including tax) that I saw on the menu table. While waiting while thinking "What kind of feeling is Achilles tendon ...?", "Achilles Ponds" arrived in a small bowl in about 10 minutes. Apparently, it seems that a sliced ​​translucent mass is being ponzued.

I'd like to eat it quickly, saying "I can eat as it is." Before eating, I was thinking "I wonder if it is like a cartilage?", But there was a different texture and different texture than the cartilage, I was surprised by the texture that I have never ever had. The crispy seasoning of ponzu leaves a relaxing breath on the belly which eaten heavy roasted meat.

Next I ordered "Tongue" (550 yen including tax). This was served with the spices of lemon and green onions.

Speaking of Tan, I imagined what was sliced ​​round, but "Tanzy Ushida" tan is as thick as Calvi and Harami. According to the shop owner, the round sliced ​​tan can not be made without thinly slicing the frozen tan with a machine, because "Ishida Ushida" does not have such facilities and therefore provides tan as it is about.

When you bake the tanger briskly, the sesame seeded in the tongue is heated and the fragrant smell of sesame spreads out to appetite.

Sprinkle with spicy green onion and lemon ......

I eat the whole piece. Exquisite matching of green onion and lemon's refreshing taste to savory high saltiness makes the texture fluffy as thick as it is. "I am awakened to wonder whether thick tongue was tasted so much".

At the place where my stomach has become full, I order "shark's hormone roasted udon" (650 yen including tax). The fragrance of green onion and dried bonito drifts on top.

There are plenty of hormones in the roasted udon, and the hormone fat enters the stomach with slurp with gentle seasoning of soy sauce and soup stock. The Kansai style thin seasoned "hormone roasted udon" after grinding the grinding meat was a perfect combination.

"Kazushige Ushida" is a store that is perfect for drinking and drinking for a moment while enjoying grilled meat by dropping by alone. Even those who think that "Yakiniku is ashamed" is no problem if it is a grilled meat of the counter. The opening hours of "Ushida Kazunari" are from 15 o'clock to 23 o'clock and every Sunday is a regular holiday.

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