Application "Fortune City" which can add household account book with fun sense while fostering your own city

Even if you try to put a household account book, the task of attaching the contents of the receipt to the book or entering it to the PC every time you shop is troublesome and burdensome, and it also makes you forget carelessly. However, as for the free household account book application "Fortune City", because there is also a development game element to gradually grow their own city by record of income and expenditure, it is possible to attach a household account book firmly with a feeling of playing a simulation game of city making I will.

Fortune City - Record expenditure and raise the city!

The application has Android version and iOS version.

Fortune City - Record expenditure and raise the city! - Android application on Google Play

Fortune City - Record expenditure and raise the city! On the App Store

This time I installed the iOS version and used it. Basic function is free.

Cassie self-proclaimed when startedCFOA cat of greetings greeted me.

First we have a tutorial on basic usage. Tap on the bottom of the screen to record income and expenditure.

As I was eating "Tsukemen (large)" (950 yen including tax) in a ramen shop just before, I will record it. First select "food" in the category of expenditure and enter details. After entering the price at the end, tap the check mark at the bottom right to register.

Once expenditure is registered, the building is completed. This time was food expenses, so "food stalls" was built. Depending on the genre of expenditure registered, the type of building that can be renewed in the town changes.

If there are two shops of the same level, it can be integrated to level up.

If you merge two "food stalls" you will become a "family restaurant". Confirm that you consume 25 coins and tap the fusion.

There are two shops in one.

Usually citizens are wandering around the city, but as the city develops, the number of visitors increases little by little. Visitors can invite citizens by consuming diamonds. Tap the person who is hopping around the city.

As details about visitors are displayed, tap "Invite" at the bottom left.

As the confirmation screen appears, tap "Invite". With this, David Thompson will settle down in the city.

However, David remains unemployed as it is. I have to allocate my work. Since there was a work frame in the family restaurant I built earlier, I will ask you to work here. Tap the part that is shadowed.

Select David who became a citizen earlier, and tap "Change job".

Work was allocated safely. Two people will be able to earn 69 coins per hour. By consuming coins and developing the town, if you increase the number of citizens, you can develop the city with coins you earn.

The town is made up of blocks of buildings, and of course blocks can be moved. Tap the building and tap the arrow icon.

Drag the block you want to move OK.

Missions from citizens occur regularly. Apparently I dropped a magazine and I want you to find it. Tap "Confirm".

Looking at the town, the magazine was falling on the road. I will tap magazines for citizens who can not find themselves despite falling on the road so easy to understand.

mission complete. Get two diamonds as a reward. Tap 'Get Rewards'. By the way, you can purchase 150 pieces for 240 yen and 500 pieces for 600 yen.

Thus the picture below shows the result of raising the city while recording income and expenditure. Because the bias to food expenses is tremendous, stores in other genres are not raised so much, but eating and drinking establishments only grow up until a huge sushi restaurant rises.

Of course, not only simulation game elements of town development, but also functions as a household account book are enriched. It is also possible to analyze income and expenditure so far. Tap the circle graph icon at the bottom left of the screen.

You can refer to breakdowns and amounts by expenditure genre. Even though I had a meal with a friend on the weekend, food expenses accounted for 60%, and I regret that I spend a little money on meals.

Of course, it is meaningless unless you keep keeping on your household account book. It is also possible to set reminders not to forget daily records. Tap the icon at the bottom right of the screen.

Tap the gear icon in the lower left.

Tap "Reminder" in the "Record" item.

Since we will notify you by choosing the time, we can prevent you from forgetting the habit of attaching a household account with the existence of the application.

As the city grows soon by shopping and entering it in reality, in a sense "in the reality you have billed the game" state. People who do not get into the habit of putting household account books after all exhausted on the way in the form of inputting the received receipt from the back, too, if you use money by the game elements to foster the city and the reminder function It is a well-made point that it makes me feel like taking out the smartphone immediately and recording it. Moreover, not only the game but also the income and expenditure management is easy and easy to understand, and it is high completion as a household account application. It is quite ant pretty worth trying people who have not been able to keep putting household accounts. "Fortune City" is free of basic functions, but it is possible to hide advertisements in the application by adding 240 yen including tax.

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