Mentaiko + of the impact that milk Fukuya tried to eat the "Alps ice candy cod roe milk taste"

Mentaiko is a delicious spicy food with a bite-punchy texture, which is perfect for accompanying rice, but Mr. MentaikoOriginator,FukuyaFrom Ice Candy of shock containing Mentaiko from "Alps Ice candy Mentaiko milk flavor"Appeared from October 04, 2017. Fukuya is one of the 70th anniversary commemorative commemoration commodity, which contains about 6% mentaiko, it is said that it is a mysterious taste unprecedented in the mentaiko's hot spicy in a sweet and rich milk taste I ordered and ordered it to the editorial department and tried it.

■ Alps Ice candy Mentaiko milk flavor 6 taste | Flavored mentaiko fukuya

"Alps Ice candy mentaiko milk taste" set of 6 (1300 yen including tax) arrived. Mail order enters into an insulated bag and arrives.

A single package looks something like this. Drawing "Alps Ice candy"The brand called Fukuya's founder is an ice brand that was managed and sold before its founding,Fukaya 70th anniversary of foundationIt was revived as.

Lacto-ice with few milk fat. The raw material is strongly impacted on the points clearly stated that the material of Shinada mint.

I took it out of the package.

Compared with 138.1 mm iPhone 6, it looks like this.

When approaching, inside the pink color, you can see a red tsubutubi like spicy mentaiko.

Once you eat it, it tastes sweet and thick milk. Later, taste of milk and spicy mentaiko, it is because it is cold, at the first point it tastes of mentaiko but it does not smell. However, as you go forward with eating, the fragrance of mentaiko begins to drift. When chewing, it is close to Mentaiko sprinkle, texture that is tsubuzubu. I feel a bit of sweet ice cream has no sense of incompatibility than I anticipated, and as I advanced with 2 mouths and 3 mouths, the spirit gradually became stronger, "To eat cold dairy food to suppress spicy" After thinking, "This ice was just a cold dairy food", and it makes me feel strange as food advances.

When I finished eating "I ate it with mentaiko mentha and ice cream, but what kind of taste was it with minded mentaiko alone?" I felt like to eat kanako mushroom. In other words, it means that you will want to eat properly the spicy mentaiko, in a sense,FukuyaFor ___ ___ ___ ___ 0 "Alps Ice Candy Spicy Mentaiko Milk Taste"Directly managed storeIt is 200 yen including tax with only one item selling alone,mail orderIn 6 sets including tax including 1300 yen on sale, still mail order can be purchased using Amazon account.

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