2017 House of Representatives election election in Tokyo's 25 districts The poster has won over the bulletin board

Hello,Takuya SAITO who did a round around the world by bicycle @ Charridermanis. Even if political matters are excluded, the national election is "lump of data" and I am tired of absorbing knowledge. For example, Tokyo's constituencies are all 25, but Fukuoka is 11, Tottori is 2, and the partition of the small constituency is proportional to the prefecture's population. Okayama is not "Momotaro" but "Ryutaro", the former prime minister of the late Ryutaro Hashimoto if it is Iwate, Mr. Ichiro Ozawa, politician Australian Arm, Kanagawa or Yokosuka is former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi and Mr. Susumiro Koizumi In consequence, powerful lawmakers across the country also overlap warlords of the Sengoku period. Every time the national elections, we have increased our knowledge. Because it is me, this article may have flickered.

◆ Election Poster

Although it felt abruptly, Sunday "October 22, 2010" "The 48th House of Representatives general election" was carried out. Just I worked in Tokyo. An election poster on a bulletin board to be seen every day. It was supposed to be processed as usual, same as before. But, suddenly, I will be worried about posters in other constituencies. For candidates it is a great game of one generation. Even from the election posters you always see, their enthusiasm is transmitted.

Therefore, I thought that election posters of each candidate can be viewed on the Internet so that it can be conveyed to people outside the constituency. However, even if it searches, it is not found. So, I thought about trying to do this was the starting point for this article. Even though I think so, there is not a week before the election. Even so, I tried hard and took a day off on the 21st and 22nd of the weekend, we have included the bulletin board with the election posters of all the 25 wards in the Tokyo metropolitan area, in the photograph. The candidate I know (I know) is also taking pictures of individual posters.

For some political parties, use the following abbreviations. The order of the notation is in the order of the number of the bulletin board (order of candidacy report submission).

LDP = Liberal Democratic Party
Komei = Komeito
Hope = hope party
Tribune = Constitutional Democratic Party
Communist = Japan Communist Party
None = Independent

◆ Tokyo 1st Ward
1: (hope) Kaoru Matsuzawa
2: (Factions) Miki Haraguchi
3: (LDP) Miki Yamada 【Proportion】
4: (Factions) Mitsuo Matayoshi
5: (Temporary) Wanari Kariyoda 【Winning】
6: (Faction) Inukami Dōjo

In the previous House of Representatives election, Mr. Hideki Haita who lost the losing and bitterness while being a representative of the Democratic Party. This time it was a splendid prize.

It is also the electoral district of Mr. Yoshiyoshi who calls "the only god".

◆ Tokyo 2 wards
1: (LDP) Kiyoshi Tsuji 【Winning】
2: (Temporary) Akihiro Matsuo
3: (Hope) Taroyama Taro

Mr. Kunio Hatoyama's eldest son, Mr. Taro Hatoyama, ran from a hopeful party. The second son, Mr. Jiro Hatoyama, is inherited from Fukuoka 6th district, Kunio Hatoyama's electoral district.

◆ Tokyo 3 ward [Part of Shinagawa Ward, part of Ota Ward, Islands Department]
This constituency is a fierce battlefield where Mr. Hiroaki Ishihara and Mr. Hitoshi Matsubara carry out close battle every time. Mr. Hirotaka Ishihara's victory this time. Ishihara 's 4 wins and 2 losses totaled.

1: (Communities) Konishi intercourse
2: (LDP) Hiromaka Ishihara 【Winning】
3: (hope) Mitsubara Hitoshi 【Proportion】

Mr. Hirotaka Ishihara is a former governor, three men of Shintaro Ishihara. This Tokyo 3 ward is the electoral district where Mr. Shintaro Ishihara made ground as a member of the LDP.

The politics of the politics that Mr. Hitoshi Matsubara, who served as the president of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in the city election in July, and Mr. Yuriko Koike who led the citizen first meeting belong to the same party.

◆ 4th district in Tokyo
1: (Temporary People) well preserve
2: (Liberal Democratic Party) Koji Mimaki 【Winning】
3: (Hope) Number Michiyo
4: (Communist) Aoyama Kouhei

◆ 5th Ward of Tokyo
1: (Temporary) Yoshio Tezuka 【Proportion】
2: (Hope) Mineyuki Fukuda
3: (LDP) Wakamiya Kenji 【Winning】

◆ 6th district in Tokyo
1: (LDP) Oka Takao 【Proportion】
2: (Temporary) Takayuki Ochiai 【Winning】
3: (Factions) Maki Nakaoka
4: (Hope) Emikaze Umezatsu Emiko

◆ 7th district in Tokyo
1: (LDP) Matsumoto Fumiaki 【Proportion】
2: (Temporary) Nagasaku Masaaki 【Winning】
3: (hope) Akihiro Araki
4: (no place) Inoue sama

Mr. Akira Naguma was a "pension record floating in the air" who became famous for pursuit of pension record problem.

◆ 8th district in Tokyo
1: (Hope) Kiuchi Takatane
2: (no place) From a child
3: (Factions) Saito Tama
4: (Communist) OISAKI Fumiko
5: (Temporary People) Yoshida Harumi
6: (LDP) Ishihara nobu [winning]

Mr. Nobuaki Ishihara who served as a key post such as Minister for Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Minister of the Environment, Secretary General of the LDP, etc. is this constituency. Eldest son of Shintaro Ishihara, former Governor of the governor.

From the yen he saw somewhere, Mr. Ko was the one who served as a member of the House of Councilors of the Democratic Party.

◆ 9th district in Tokyo
1: (Hope) Takamatsu Satoshi
2: (Community) Hara Hara
3: (LDP) Kazuhide Saga [Winning]
4: (no place) Maeda Yoshinari

◆ Tokyo 10th Ward
1: (hope) Wakasa wins
2: (Temporary) Suzuki Kousuke
3: (LDP) Hayato Suzuki 【Winning】
4: (Communist) Yoshinobu Kishi
5: (Factions) Yoshii Shigemitsu
6: (no place) Toru Koyama

Mr. Wakasa Masaru who was the center of hope party launch at Mr. Yuriko Koike's aide is this constituency. Tokyo 10 wards became the ground of Ms. Yuriko Koike since he was elected as an assassin in the postal election at the time of Koizumi administration.

◆ 11th district in Tokyo
1: (hope) Shitte
2: (Temporary People) Junichiro Maeda
3: (LDP) Hirofumi Shimomura 【Winning】
4: (Communist) Small bank east

Mr. Hirofumi Shimomura, former Minister of MEXT. Recently, I noticed, "Hirofumi" is not the name "hakubun".

◆ 12th district in Tokyo
1: (Faction) Masaru Nakamura
2: (Communion) Saori Ikeuchi
3: (Komei) Akihi Ota 【Winning】

Mr. Akihiro Ota, former party leader of the Komeito, former Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

Young Communist Party, Mr. Saori Ikeuchi, got a name for performance that criticizes Prime Minister Abe.

A poster of "a party to realize zero members' compensation" that dissounds next to two previous employees.

◆ Tokyo 13th Ward
1: (Communist) Yuu Owaru Motoki
2: (Liberal Democratic Party) Ichiro Kanata 【Winning】
3: (Temporary) Tomohiko Hojo

Mr. Ichiro Kamoshita of former Environment Minister.

◆ 14th district in Tokyo
1: (Hope) Yahagi Asako
2: (Community) Later Kazuyuki
3: (LDP) Midori Matsushima 【Winning】
4: (Factions) Life Miho
5: (no place) Norio Otsuka

Former Minister of Justice Mr. Midori Matsushima. The fan distribution problem solved controversy.

◆ 15th Tokyo Ward 【Koto Ward】
1: (Communist) Toshio Yoshida
2: (Hope) Kakizawa unprivileged [Proportional]
3: (nothing) Takashi
4: (Liberal Democratic Party) Tadashi Akimoto 【Winning】

Democratic Party, everyone's party, party of consolation, party of innovation, Democratic Party, Mr. Masakazu Kakizawa who moves with hope party. One of the politicians who want to pay attention to the trend, such as taking the position of the secretary general in the restoration party of Ishinha.

◆ 16th district in Tokyo
1: (LDP) Ohnishi Hideo [Winning]
2: (Temporary) Akiho Hatsuka 【Proportion】
3: (Hope) Kenji Tamura

I was inclined to head "what this guy is doing", but in the end it won the attention. While all candidates were making similar election posters, only Mr. Akahi Hatsuka put a election poster like a CD jacket on.

◆ 17th district in Tokyo
1: (Commun.) Sugi Arai
2: (LDP) Katsuei Hirasawa 【Winning】
3: (Hope) Nichida Chikara

Mr. Katsuei Hirasawa who remained aware of "proportional representation also to the LDP". Among the LDP candidates in the Tokyo constituency, there is no recommendation by Komeito alone for him. The Tokyo 17 wards, based in the New Komeito is a strong constituency, Natsuo Yamaguchi, who is a modern table and Mr. Katsuei Hirasawa New Komeito will not dispute seats in the past. Mr. Yamaguchi Natsu was transferred to the upper house after being lost.

◆ Tokyo 18 wards
This constituency is a fierce battlefield where Mr. Masatoshi Tsuchiya who served as Prime Minister in the DPJ administration and Mr. Masatada Tsuchiya who served as mayor of Musashino Mayor of Musashino in 22 years is a fierce battlefield. Mr. Naoto Kan's victory this time. Mr. Kan totaled 3 wins and 2 losses.

1: (hope) When Atsushi
2: (Temporary) Naoto Kan 【Winning】
3: (LDP) Masatoshi Tsuchiya

Mr. Naoto Kan.

Mr. Tsuchiya.

◆ Tokyo 19 wards
1: (hope) Sasaki
2: (Communities) Shigeo Sugishita
3: (LDP) Yohei Matsumoto [Winning]
4: (Temporary) Yuuki Suematsu [Proportional]

◆ Tokyo 20th district
1: (LDP) Seiji Kihara 【Winning】
2: (hope) Akira
3: (Communist) Toru Miyamoto 【Proportion】

◆ Tokyo 21 wards
1: (Society) Kozue Kenshin
2: (Hope) Akihisa Nagashima 【Winning】
3: (Factions) Heavenly Honor
4: (LDP) Kiyoshi Odawara 【Proportion】

Mr. Akihisa Nagashima who denied the struggle with the Communist Party withdrew from the Democratic Progressive Party early in April 2017. A hopeful party party member.

Mr. Naoto Tenki is a person who has made a lot of noise in the Iraq war under the Koizumi regime. "Farewell Foreign Office! - I will not allow Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi and a sales bureaucratWriting is also famous.

◆ Tokyo 22 wards
1: (Temporary) Ikuo Yamaha 【Proportion】
2: (LDP) Tatsuya ITO 【Winning】
3: (hope) Emi Kanagasaki
4: (Communist) Abe true

◆ Tokyo 23 wards
1: (Communities) Ryo Matsumura
2: (LDP) Masanobu Ogura 【Winning】
3: (Hope) Ito Shunkei 【Proportion】

◆ 24 wards of Tokyo
1: (Hope) Mika Yoshihi
2: (LDP) Koichi Haguta [Winning]
3: (Community) Miyako Iida
4: (Temporary) Takahashi Kazu Hisa

◆ Tokyo 25th District 【Ome City, Akishima City, Fukushi City, Hamura City, Akiruno City, Nishitama County】
1: (Communist) Takashi Inoue
2: (Temporary) Yoko Yamashita
3: (LDP) Shinji Inoue [Winning]
4: (hope) Ozawa Sakito

Two shots with Lion Koike
Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election in July 2017It was the victory of the citizen first association led by Mr. Yuriko Koike, the governor of Tokyo. The third pole has made a leap forward as it is, and it advanced to national administration in this House of Representatives election. I think that launching the "party of hope" was a strategy that sews between the right conservatism and left innovation (liberal). Actually made this yearFrench parliamentary general electionThen, such a phenomenon occurred.

However, the new wind does not blow in Japan, and the LDP has won overwhelmingly. It was able to show the dignity of the champion who served as the ruling party for most of the postwar period. However, there are also numbers that the economy is upward this time, and I do not know the reason for being supported.

Mr. Yuriko Koike, serving as the governor of the city, among the 25 constituencies of Tokyo, the hope party has 23 candidates in the 23 wards. Among them, 9 candidates used 2 shot photos with Mr. Yuriko Koike, who is the party leader of the hope, for the election poster.Claim 30,000 yen as shooting feeThere are several news reports that there was.

1: Mr. Michito Nanba, 4th district, Tokyo

2: Mr. Fukuda Mineyama, five wards of Tokyo.

3: Mr. Akihiro Araki 7th Ward, Tokyo

4: Mr. Takatenn Kiuchi, 8 wards of Tokyo

5: Mr. Tomoyuki Takamatsu, 9th Tokyo Ward

6: Mr. Chieko Shishido, 11th Tokyo Ward

7: Ms. Asako Yahagi, Tokyo 14th Ward

8: Mr. Atsushi Putian in Tokyo 18 wards

9: Mr. Mika Yoshihi, 24 wards of Tokyo

◆ "To the LDP also proportionate"
When I was wandering around Tokyo, I encountered a supporters speech of a certain LDP candidate asking for a bulletin board with an election poster attached. It was impressive that Miss Ugusu was repeating "Proportional is Komeito." Liberal Democratic Party and Komeito are forming a coalition government. Election cooperation is also carried out. So, instead of supporters of Komeito supporting the LDP candidates for LDP, I thought that supporters of the LDP are all proportional to the Komeito voting.

Street election speech.

However, this does not appear to be absolute. In the Tokyo constituency, there was a statement saying "proportional representation to the LDP as well" to the electoral posters of many LDP candidates. Do you need election cooperation for Komeito supporters?

As an example, Mr. Yohei Matsumoto 7th Tokyo Ward

Meanwhile, Mr. Kiyohito Tsuji, Tokyo 9 ward, Kazuhide Sugawara, 14 wards of Tokyo, Midori Matsushima, 15 wards of Tokyo, Mr. Tsushima Akimoto, Mr. Hide Ohnishi 16 Tokyo was a candidate for the LDP There was no mention that "proportional representation also to the LDP". Is not there a mention of Komeito supporters consideration? For example, Mr. Sugawara was elected with a close difference of nearly twice as much to the next candidate in the current House of Representatives election.

◆ Bulletin board location
Since Tokyo can go anywhere by train, I thought lightly that it would be "okay with a day." I did not do enough of the underlings, I was sweetly watching with something with a smartphone. However, it is a series of hardships when you do it.

There were bulletin boards around the station such as Hachioji city (24 wards of Tokyo), Chofu city (22 wards of Tokyo), sacred shrine sakuragaoka (Tokyo 21 wards) of Tama city, it was easy. Machida-shi, Tokyo, which is nearly Kanagawa prefecture, clears by returning to Tama City Hall from Sacred Sakuragaoka station by way of a bus. The majority of Tama city is Tokyo 23 wards.

Chofu station neighborhood.

That was good, but as I entered the capital city the situation is one side. Even if I get off at the station, the bulletin board does not come out so easily. If I walked properly there were no reasons to be around, and I was repeating visiting looking for "elementary and junior high school" "park" near the station by smartphone.

If you go to elementary and junior high schools that also become "polling stations" you will find the bulletin board of the election poster.

It was cloudy weather forecast when planned. But even on that day rain. Downstairs rain. While there is a conflict of "stop, stop" or "I want to warm out at home," when will the next opportunity be? Perhaps someone might do the same story. That is no problem. There was expectation that it would be an interesting article. I also jumped out of my house.

I will ride on the train in the rain. The heating in the subway premises and the humidity of the rain that falls together, the muffled air envelops the body. On the contrary, someone's sweat's sour smell drifts. Footprints rather than waterproof sneakers, puddles If you thrust in your feet, you can see the socks. Penance, penance. Hats off against the water resistance of election posters that do not budge even in such rain ... ....

I was walking around Tokyo in the rainstorm.

Never ending in a day, I slept sleeping at the net cafe reclining seat at night. Extended fee that you are tired and pay for overnight. The next day I fell asleep as the train was shaken. Overnight, light Karigaoka. The bag containing the notebook PC and SLR camera is heavily heavy on the shoulder, and goes up and down the stairs every time he gets on and off the station. I was really tired. The fare also took me, and I feel tired of pocketing. However, I was able to build what I wanted to see.

There are the House of Representatives electoral district, all 19 wards in Osaka, and all 15 wards in Aichi. If you do not mind, please go around like anyone else. Hokkaido loses to all 12 wards and numbers to Tokyo and Osaka, but the sense of accomplishment seems to be big because the size is not lost anywhere.

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