About the number of political party votes for each municipality, the number of followers of "Social Sciences of Happiness" and "Soka Gakkai" have been seen in this general election

The 45th House of Representatives general election is over and the Democratic Party alone has 308 seats and the Liberal Democratic Party has 119 seats, and eventually the change in power has been realized, but here we will focus on other political parties. For example, in the case of self and public who have been responsible for the administration so far, this "public"KomeitoAccording to Wikipedia the main supporting mother of the Komeito is a religious corporation "Soka Gakkai"Has become. Also, if we say a political party whose religious corporation is the supporting mother, this time it was the first election and all of them were defeated "Happiness Realization PartyIs a religious corporationScience of HappinessIt is the supporting mother body.

This general election is held throughout Japan and voting was done to two of the constituencies and proportional, so it is indirect and rough by looking at the result of the vote but "I live in myself It is possible to infer the science of happiness in the community and how many followers of Soka Gakkai are? "

Regarding the number of political party votes for each prefecture and each municipality, from the following.
First of all, let's take a look at that page as it is the Central Election Management Society of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, which is responsible for this general election.

House of Representatives general election | Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications · Central Election Management Committee

There is nothing ...... Since it can not be helped, looking at the page of the "prefectural election management committee federation" which coordinates the communication between the country and the local organization concerning the election, the election management committee link by each prefecture There was a collection.

List of 47 prefectural election management committees nationwide

However, "Hokkaido Election Administration Committee", "Yamanashi Prefecture Election Management Committee", "Kochi Prefecture Election Omission Management Committee" "Kumamoto Prefecture Election Official Committee" are broken links. The last update date is March 3, 2009, so it seems that maintenance has not been done since then. But when I looked it up, apparently there are pages that summarize the results of the vote if I go to each election management committee page, so I put together a link to those pages. By clicking on the link and looking up the name of the municipality where you live it is possible to guess "the science of happiness in the area where you live and how many believers in Soka Gakkai are?"

In addition, it is thought that "proportional district" more closely resembles the actual number because it chooses a political party to vote, but we will link the result of "small constituency" in case too. In addition, it is supposed to be bad on close terms with the KomeitoJapan Communist PartyThe numerical values ​​are also followed so I will post them. None of these are quite interesting figures.

◆ Hokkaido
· Proportional district (Happiness realization party: 20,276, Komeito: 354,886, Japan Communist Party: 241, 345)
· Small constituency

◆ Aomori Prefecture
· Proportional District (Happiness Realization Party: 5,823, New Komei: 77, 853, Japan Communist Party: 48, 912)
· Small constituency

◆ Iwate Prefecture
· Proportional District (Happiness Realization Party: 5,143, Komeito: 54,299, Japan Communist Party: 47, 647)
http://www.pref.iwate.jp/download.rbz?cmd=50&cd=21168&tg=6(Excel file)
· Small constituency
http://www.pref.iwate.jp/download.rbz?cmd=50&cd=21168&tg=5(Excel file)

Miyagi prefecture
· Proportional district (Happiness realization party: 7, 911, Komeito: 139, 124, Japan Communist Party: 76, 138)
· Small constituency

Akita ken
· Proportional district (Happiness realization party: 4,033, Komeito: 65, 106, Japan Communist Party: 37, 108)
http://www.pref.akita.jp/senkyo/h21sousenkyo/data/kaihyoukekka%20hirei.xls(Excel file)
· Small constituency
http://www.pref.akita.jp/senkyo/h21sousenkyo/data/kaihyoukekka%20shosenkyoku.xls(Excel file)

Yamagata Prefecture
· Proportional district (Happiness realization party: 5, 173, Komeito: 68, 167, Japan Communist Party: 36, 973)
http://www.elec.pref.yamagata.jp/cgi/dl/xlszip01090731042359.zip(PDF file inside while decompressing the ZIP file)
· Small constituency
http://www.elec.pref.yamagata.jp/cgi/dl/xlszip01090731041829.zip(PDF file inside while decompressing the ZIP file)

Fukushima Prefecture
· Proportional district (Happiness realization party: 8, 212, Komeito: 112, 139, Japan Communist Party: 68, 423)
http://www.pref.fukushima.jp/senkan/sokuhou/shugi/20090830/data/KO.PDF(PDF file)
http://www.pref.fukushima.jp/senkan/sokuhou/shugi/20090830/data/KO.xls(Excel file)
· Small constituency
http://www.pref.fukushima.jp/senkan/sokuhou/shugi/20090830/data/KA.PDF(PDF file)
http://www.pref.fukushima.jp/senkan/sokuhou/shugi/20090830/data/KA.xls(Excel file)

Ibaraki Prefecture
· Proportional district (Happiness realization party: 12,383, Komeito: 188, 785, Japan Communist Party: 72, 884)
http://www.pref.ibaraki.jp/senkan/2009sokuhou/shuin_hirei/AH_KAIHYO_K_11_06.xls(Excel file)
· Small constituency
http://www.pref.ibaraki.jp/senkan/2009sokuhou/shuin_sho/kai_kakutei_01/AS_KAIHYO_K_10_1_08.xls(Candidate, Excel file)
http://www.pref.ibaraki.jp/senkan/2009sokuhou/shuin_sho/kai_kakutei_01/AS_KAIHYO_K_10_2.xls(Party group, Excel file)

◆ Tochigi Prefecture
· Proportional district (happiness realization party: 5,925, Komeito: 98,287, Japan Communist Party: 33,896)
· Small constituency

Gunma prefecture
· Proportional district (Happiness realization party: 7, 753, Komeito: 114, 706, Japan Communist Party: 63,048)
http://www.pref.gunma.jp/upload/7/hkk-13.pdf(Part 1, PDF file)
http://www.pref.gunma.jp/upload/7/hkk-14.pdf(Part 2, PDF file)
· Small constituency
http://www.pref.gunma.jp/upload/7/skk-7.pdf(PDF file)

Saitama ken
· Proportional district (Happiness realization party: 20, 806, Komeito: 453, 356, Japan Communist Party: 301, 310)
http://www.pref.saitama.lg.jp/senkan/sokuho/hirei_kai.pdf(PDF file)
· Small constituency
http://www.pref.saitama.lg.jp/senkan/sokuho/syou_kai.pdf(PDF file)

◆ Chiba
· Proportional district (Happiness realization party: 17,023, Komeito: 340, 276, Japan Communist Party: 218, 817)
http://www.chibaken-senkan.jp/keihatu/hk/hk.XLS(Excel file)
· Small constituency
http://www.chibaken-senkan.jp/keihatu/sk/sk.XLS(Excel file)

◆ Tokyo
· Proportional district (Happiness realization party: 35,667, Komeito: 717, 199, Japan Communist Party: 665, 462)
· Small constituency

Kanagawa prefecture
· Proportional district (Happiness realization party: 23,942, Komeito: 469, 628, Japan Communist Party: 349, 914)
http://www.pref.kanagawa.jp/osirase/senkan/sokuhou/shuhi_k.html(At the time of posting, there is no data for each municipality at the time of the article, when I inquired to the Kanagawa prefectural election management committee by telephone, "It is not scheduled to publish in municipalities as well as breaking information,
· Small constituency
http://www.pref.kanagawa.jp/osirase/senkan/sokuhou/shusho_k.html(At the time of posting, there is no data for each municipality at the time of the article, when I inquired to the Kanagawa prefectural election management committee by telephone, "It is not scheduled to publish in municipalities as well as breaking information,

· Proportional district (Happiness realization party: 9, 613, Komeito: 91, 251, Japan Communist Party: 79, 521)
http://www.websenkyo.com/09syugi/upload/2/3/hirei_kaihyo-kakutei_0300.pdf(PDF file)
· Small constituency
http://www.websenkyo.com/09syugi/upload/1/3/syosen_kaihyo-kakutei_all.pdf(PDF file)

Yamanashi Prefecture
· Proportional District (Happiness Realization Party: 3,197, New Komeito: 52,523, Japan Communist Party: 32,568)
http://ypg.opencity.jp/~ypgsen1/HOUDOU/shuhi_k_k/TokuSyuHi_K.PDF(PDF file)
· Small constituency
http://ypg.opencity.jp/~ypgsen1/HOUDOU/shusho_k_k/TokuSyuSyo_K.PDF(PDF file)

Nagano Prefecture
· Proportional district (Happiness realization party: 8, 970, Komeito: 111, 569, Japan Communist Party: 122, 440)
http://www.pref.nagano.jp/senkyo/shuugi2009/pdffails/count2fails/kaihyokekka_hirei.pdf(PDF file)
· Small constituency
http://www.pref.nagano.jp/senkyo/shuugi2009/pdffails/count2fails/kaihyokekka_shosen.pdf(PDF file)

Shizuoka Prefecture
· Proportional district (Happiness realization party: 12, 536, Komeito: 220, 810, Japan Communist Party: 116, 496)
http://www.pref.shizuoka.jp/senkan/shugiin2009/kai/kai-hirei/kai-hirei.xls(Excel file)
http://www.pref.shizuoka.jp/senkan/shugiin2009/kai/kai-hirei/kai-hirei.pdf(PDF file)
· Small constituency
http://www.pref.shizuoka.jp/senkan/shugiin2009/kai/kai-shou/kai-shou.xls(Excel file)
http://www.pref.shizuoka.jp/senkan/shugiin2009/kai/kai-shou/kai-shou.pdf(PDF file)

Toyama prefecture
· Proportional district (Happiness realization party: 4, 522, Komeito: 38, 974, Japan Communist Party: 23, 196)
http://www.pref.toyama.jp/sections/0500/21shusokuhou/21toyama_hi_kaihyo_kekka/toyama_hi_kaihyo_kekka2500.xls(Excel file)
· Small constituency
http://www.pref.toyama.jp/sections/0500/21shusokuhou/21toyama_sho_kaihyo_kekka.1ku/toyama_sho_kaihyo_kekka_1ku.xls(1st district, Excel file, no different for municipalities)
http://www.pref.toyama.jp/sections/0500/21shusokuhou/21toyama_sho_kaihyo_kekka.2ku/toyama_sho_kaihyo_kekka_2ku.xls(2 nd district, Excel file, not by municipality)
http://www.pref.toyama.jp/sections/0500/21shusokuhou/21toyama_sho_kaihyo_kekka.3ku/toyama_sho_kaihyo_kekka_3ku.xls(3rd district, Excel file, no different for municipalities)

Ishikawa Prefecture
· Proportional District (Happiness Realization Party: 5,130, New Komeito: 52,157, Japan Communist Party: 29,814)
http://www.pref.ishikawa.jp/senkan/45shugi/sokuhou/hkk/hkklast.pdf(PDF file)
· Small constituency
http://www.pref.ishikawa.jp/senkan/45shugi/sokuhou/skk/skk01last.pdf(1st ward, PDF file)
http://www.pref.ishikawa.jp/senkan/45shugi/sokuhou/skk/skk02last.pdf(District 2, PDF file)
http://www.pref.ishikawa.jp/senkan/45shugi/sokuhou/skk/skk03last.pdf(Third district, PDF file)

◆ Fukui Prefecture
· Proportional district (Happiness realization party: 4,077, Komeito: 39, 133, Japan Communist Party: 19,845)
· Small constituency

Gifu Prefecture
· Proportional district (Happiness realization party: 8, 629, Komeito: 121,895, Japan Communist Party: 64, 480)
http://www.pref.gifu.lg.jp/pref/s14301/syugi45/data/hireikaihyoukekka.xls(Excel file)
· Small constituency
http://www.pref.gifu.lg.jp/pref/s14301/syugi45/data/syousenkaihyoukekka.xls(District 1, Excel file)
http://www.pref.gifu.lg.jp/pref/s14301/syugi45/data/syousenkaihyoukekka.xls(Second district, Excel file)
http://www.pref.gifu.lg.jp/pref/s14301/syugi45/data/syousenkaihyoukekka.xls(3rd district, Excel file)
http://www.pref.gifu.lg.jp/pref/s14301/syugi45/data/syousenkaihyoukekka.xls(4th district, Excel file)
http://www.pref.gifu.lg.jp/pref/s14301/syugi45/data/syousenkaihyoukekka.xls(5th district, Excel file)

· Proportional district (Happiness realization party: 29,045, Komeito: 428, 720, Japan Communist Party: 250, 890)
http://www.pref.aichi.jp/senkyo/sokuho/data/L4059999.xls(Excel file)
http://www.pref.aichi.jp/senkyo/sokuho/data/L4059999.pdf(PDF file)
· Small constituency
http://www.pref.aichi.jp/senkyo/sokuho/data/L3059999.xls(Excel file)
http://www.pref.aichi.jp/senkyo/sokuho/data/L3059999.pdf(PDF file)

Mie prefecture
· Proportional district (Happiness realization party: 7,012, Komeito: 119,733, Japan Communist Party: 55, 108)
· Small constituency

Shiga ken
· Proportional district (Happiness realization party: 6,660, Komeito: 59, 471, Japan Communist Party: 67, 402)
http://www.pref.shiga.jp/senkyo/syu-giin_sousenkyo/210830/kaihyo/h_kakutei.pdf(PDF file)
· Small constituency
http://www.pref.shiga.jp/senkyo/syu-giin_sousenkyo/210830/kaihyo/s1_kakutei.pdf(1st ward, PDF file)
http://www.pref.shiga.jp/senkyo/syu-giin_sousenkyo/210830/kaihyo/s2_kakutei.pdf(District 2, PDF file)
http://www.pref.shiga.jp/senkyo/syu-giin_sousenkyo/210830/kaihyo/s3_kakutei.pdf(3rd district, PDF file)
http://www.pref.shiga.jp/senkyo/syu-giin_sousenkyo/210830/kaihyo/s4_kakutei.pdf(4th district, PDF file)

Kyoto fu
· Proportional district (Happiness realization party: 9,872, Komeito: 142,636, Japan Communist Party: 195, 161)
http://www.pref.kyoto.jp/senkyo/resources/h_kaihyou_k.pdf(PDF file)
· Small constituency
http://www.pref.kyoto.jp/senkyo/resources/s_kaihyou_k.pdf(PDF file)

◆ Osaka prefecture
· Proportional district (Happiness realization party: 32,203, Komeito: 704,839, Japan Communist Party: 468, 144)
· Small constituency

Hyogo Prefecture
· Proportional district (Happiness realization party: 22, 137, Komeito: 364, 853, Japan Communist Party: 231, 680)
http://senkyo.pref.hyogo.lg.jp/2-2hirei.pdf(PDF file)
· Small constituency
http://senkyo.pref.hyogo.lg.jp/2-1syou.pdf(PDF file)

Nara Prefecture
· Proportional district (Happiness realization party: 5, 369, Komeito: 84, 958, Japan Communist Party: 62, 205)
http://www.pref.nara.jp/secure/20118/hirei_kaihyoukekka_sityousonbetu.pdf(PDF file)
· Small constituency
http://www.pref.nara.jp/secure/20118/syousenkyoku_kaihyoukekka_kouhosya.pdf(PDF file)

Wakayama prefecture
· Proportional district (Happiness realization party: 4,288, Komeito: 92,413, Japan Communist Party: 42, 851)
http://wave.pref.wakayama.lg.jp/news/file/9794_1.xls(Excel file)
· Small constituency
http://wave.pref.wakayama.lg.jp/news/file/9687_0.xls(District 1, Excel file)
http://wave.pref.wakayama.lg.jp/news/file/9688_0.xls(Second district, Excel file)
http://wave.pref.wakayama.lg.jp/news/file/9689_0.xls(3rd district, Excel file)

Tottori prefecture
· Proportional district (Happiness realization party: 3,049, Komeito: 52,023, Japan Communist Party: 20, 501)
· Small constituency

Shimane Prefecture
· Proportional district (Happiness realization party: 2,954, Komeito: 52,780, Japan Communist Party: 25, 850)
· Small constituency

Okayama prefecture
· Proportional district (Happiness realization party: 7, 917, Komeito: 145, 701, Japan Communist Party: 65, 762)
· Small constituency
http://www.pref.okayama.jp/syokyoku/senkyo/h21_shuin/QuickReport/BS_KAIHYO_12.pdf(PDF file)

◆ Hiroshima
· Proportional district (Happiness realization party: 11, 511, Komeito: 197, 128, Japan Communist Party: 81, 875)
· Small constituency

Yamaguchi Prefecture
· Proportional district (Happiness realization party: 6,888, Komeito: 107, 920, Japan Communist Party: 50, 773)
· Small constituency

Tokushima Prefecture
· Proportional district (Happiness realization party: 4, 934, Komeito: 52, 541, Japan Communist Party: 29, 618)
http://www1.pref.tokushima.jp/senkyo/kaihyou/hireidaihyou/kekka/hkaihyou-1.xls(Excel file)
· Small constituency
http://www1.pref.tokushima.jp/senkyo/kaihyou/shousenkyoku/kekka/kaihyou-1.xls(1st ward, Excel file)
http://www1.pref.tokushima.jp/senkyo/kaihyou/shousenkyoku/kekka/kaihyou-2.xls(District 2, Excel file)
http://www1.pref.tokushima.jp/senkyo/kaihyou/shousenkyoku/kekka/kaihyou-3.xls(Third district, Excel file)

Kagawa Prefecture
· Proportional district (Happiness realization party: 4, 534, Komeito: 65, 479, Japan Communist Party: 30, 215)
http://www.pref.kagawa.jp/senkyoi/2009_shuugi/sokuho/hkaihyoukakutei.xls(Excel file)
http://www.pref.kagawa.jp/senkyoi/2009_shuugi/sokuho/hkaihyoukakutei.pdf(PDF file)
· Small constituency
http://www.pref.kagawa.jp/senkyoi/2009_shuugi/sokuho/skaihyoukakutei.xls(Excel file)
http://www.pref.kagawa.jp/senkyoi/2009_shuugi/sokuho/skaihyoukakutei.pdf(PDF file)

Ehime prefecture
· Proportional district (Happiness realization party: 7,073, Komeito: 101, 690, Japan Communist Party: 41, 272)
http://www.pref.ehime.jp/150shoykoku/060senkyo/00001696021105/h21shugiinsen/result/hireikaihyo.xls(Excel file)
· Small constituency
http://www.pref.ehime.jp/150shoykoku/060senkyo/00001696021105/h21shugiinsen/result/syo1.xls(District 1, Excel file)
http://www.pref.ehime.jp/150shoykoku/060senkyo/00001696021105/h21shugiinsen/result/syo2.xls(Second district, Excel file)
http://www.pref.ehime.jp/150shoykoku/060senkyo/00001696021105/h21shugiinsen/result/syo3.xls(3rd district, Excel file)
http://www.pref.ehime.jp/150shoykoku/060senkyo/00001696021105/h21shugiinsen/result/syo4.xls(4th district, Excel file)

Kochi Prefecture
· Proportional district (Happiness realization party: 2, 966, Komeito: 73, 494, Japan Communist Party: 49,066)
http://www.pref.kochi.lg.jp/~senkyo/sokuho/pdf2/kaihyo_kh2.pdf(PDF file)
· Small constituency
http://www.pref.kochi.lg.jp/~senkyo/sokuho/pdf2/kaihyo_ks2.pdf(PDF file)

◆ Fukuoka prefecture
· Proportional district (Happiness realization party: 17, 741, Komeito: 456, 946, Japan Communist Party: 183, 564)
· Small constituency

Saga Prefecture
· Proportional district (Happiness realization party: 3,590, Komeito: 60, 386, Japan Communist Party: 19, 745)
http://www.pref.saga.lg.jp/web/var/rev0/0034/0384/200808310228hirei-kai.pdf(PDF file)
· Small constituency
http://www.pref.saga.lg.jp/web/var/rev0/0034/0376/20090830shou-kakutei.pdf(PDF file)

◆ Nagasaki Prefecture
· Proportional district (Happiness realization party: 4, 911, Komeito: 124, 952, Japan Communist Party: 34, 676)
· Small constituency

Kumamoto Prefecture
· Proportional district (Happiness realization party: 7, 419, Komeito: 135, 987, Japan Communist Party: 38, 589)
http://www.pref.kumamoto.jp/uploaded/attachment/24438.pdf(PDF file)
· Small constituency
http://www.pref.kumamoto.jp/uploaded/attachment/24433.pdf(PDF file)

Oita Prefecture
· Proportional District (Happiness Realization Party: 4,845, Komeito: 87,879, Japan Communist Party: 33,633)
http://www.pref.oita.jp/11650/senkyo/kako/syu45/data/45hi_sichouson_kaihyou.xls(Excel file)
· Small constituency
http://www.pref.oita.jp/11650/senkyo/kako/syu45/data/45syou_kaihyou.xls(Excel file)

Miyazaki Prefecture
· Proportional district (Happiness realization party: 3,660, Komeito: 105,490, Japan Communist Party: 26, 866)
http://www.pref.miyazaki.lg.jp/parts/000125525.xls(Excel file)
· Small constituency
http://www.pref.miyazaki.lg.jp/parts/000125519.xls(District 1, Excel file)
http://www.pref.miyazaki.lg.jp/parts/000125516.xls(Second district, Excel file)
http://www.pref.miyazaki.lg.jp/parts/000125522.xls(3rd district, Excel file)

Kagoshima prefecture
· Proportional District (Happiness Realization Party: 5,890, Komeito: 133,770, Japan Communist Party: 34,780)
http://www.pref.kagoshima.jp/__filemst__/44742/HKK-0244.xls(Excel file)
· Small constituency
http://www.pref.kagoshima.jp/__filemst__/44741/SKK-0232.xls(Excel file)

◆ Okinawa Prefecture
· Proportional district (Happiness realization party: 6, 175, Komeito: 120,095, Japan Communist Party: 53, 603)
· Small constituency

In addition, the results of the previous 44th House of Representatives general election are summarized below, and it is thought that the summary data will be posted for the 45th this time as well.

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications | September 11, 2005 Executive Members of the House of Representatives General Election · Justice of the Supreme Court Judges of National Review

In addition, NHK's site is easy to understand if it is distinction of each election.

NHK 2009 House of Representatives election (Flash version)

NHK 2009 House of Representatives election result (text version)

Finally, the results of proportional elections for all prefectures are summarized as follows.

Happiness Realization Party: 459387
Komeito: 8.05 million 4007 (According to Komeito site the number of party members is400 thousand people)
Japan Communist Party: 494 3886

Some people may vote voting from a relationship, but from the national level it seems that there is no chance as a total number of happiness realizing parties. Extreme stories seem to have reached the level where it is also possible to win if you move resident cards at once to give voting rights.

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