Toughness Sumaho "CAT S 60" actual machine review developed by construction machine manufacturers equipped with waterproof / dustproof infrared thermo cameras

Caterpillar's Mobile Division, Construction Machine ManufacturerCat PhoneSmartphone developed by "CAT S60"Is sold by Onkyo & Pioneer Marketing Japan Co., Ltd. in October 2017. I bought it actually because I was concerned very much with a terminal that seems to be very useful even in a pretty hard work site equipped with infrared thermo camera and also waterproofing and dustproofing function.

Onkyo Regular Products: Waterproof / Dustproof / Rugged Body Toughness Smartphone CAT S60 SMARTPHONE | Onkyo Corporation

You can read articles from the following when it was announced by Cat Phone in February 2016.

Caterpillar Develops the Rugged System "CAT S 60", the World's First Infrared Thermo Camera - GIGAZINE

The exterior box is made up of yellow and black, and finished to make the construction site image.

When you open the box, the body appears.

As accessory, AC adapter, USB cable, quick start guide is attached.

A special protective sheet was caught between the quick start guide.

To protect the screen, first peel off the film at the time of shipment and paste the protective sheet.

After sticking the protective sheet, I will carefully look at the main body. Dimensions are 73.4 mm wide × 147.9 mm long × 12.66 mm thick, almost the same as Xperia XZ 1, which is about the middle size between iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. In addition, both Xperia and iPhone are 7mm - 8mm thick, so there is a big difference only in that respect. The display size is 4.7 inches and the resolution is HD (720 × 1280). There is a yellow switch at the top of the main unit and the bottom microphone "2m" "5m" is written, but this is a switch that physically closes the opening to further enhance the waterproof performance. Especially in an environment where waterproofing is required, by switching to the place corresponding to each depth of water, it prevents flooding more firmly.

On the left side of the main unit are a power key, an orange programmable key, an SOS button, a USB port, and an earphone jack. You can assign your favorite operations to programmable keys. SOS button · USB port · Headset jack is covered with a cover for waterproofing so let's check if it is tightly closed when not in use.

There is no opening in the bottom of the main unit at all.

Volume button on the right side.

On the top is the infrared camera manufacturer's "FLIR" logo.

Carbon pattern on the back.

Infrared sensor and 13 megapixel camera are arranged on the back upper part.

Opening the lid next to you has a SIM card slot and microSD card slot. Although it is dual SIM compatible, if 4 G SIM card is inserted in the 1st slot, it means that 2 G is only in the 2nd slot, so it is not very meaningful in Japan where the 2 G line can not be used.

Comparing the screen with other models looks like this. From the left "Nexus 5X", "Samsung Galaxy S 6 edge", "CAT S 60", "iPhone 8" all maximize screen brightness. The color is somewhat blue near S6 edge, and the brightness is the impression that it is close to iPhone 8.

I measured the performance with benchmark software. The performance score is the result that Nexus 5X is "60466", S6 edge is "83969", CAT S60 is "44022", iPhone 8 is "205897", and it loses to Nexus 5X and S6 edge released in 2015. Because it is a terminal that selects with robustness and other functions rather than performance, it is not suitable for those who want to enjoy games for smartphones all the time.

As you can see also from the fact that the infrared sensor was attached to the back, CAT S60 uses an external "FLIR ONE for AndroidYou can shoot a thermographic image even without ". Tap the pre-installed application "MyFLIR" ......

Thermography starts. The average temperature, maximum temperature, and minimum temperature within the shooting range are displayed on the upper left of the screen.

CAT S60 can shoot movies as well as images. I tried to shoot a scene to put water in a pot and heat it with a stove.

I shot a scene to fire a pot with a smart "CAT S60" with a thermography - YouTube

Since the water temperature is lower than the surrounding temperature before heating, the area around the pot is dark.

But when heated it looks quite the opposite. In addition, because the color is automatically adjusted based on the hottest and cold places, similar colors in different photos do not show the same temperature. When checking the Max. Display on the upper left, the image at the previous time was 23.3 ° C, but this image is at 120.9 ° C.

CAT S60 on Onkyo official online shopTax included 90,684 yenSold on. Toughness It is a terminal you want to check if you like Sumaho.

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