Bilateral curved display & proprietary development "Galaxy S 6 edge" with 64bit OctaCore SoC Review

From Thursday April 23, 2015, the flagship machine of the Galaxy series "Galaxy S6"Galaxy S 6 edge"Was released from docomo and au. In GIGAZINE editorial department I got "Galaxy S 6 edge" which adopted the edge display curved at both ends, so I decided to check the comfort and performance of the bent display promptly.

Galaxy S 6 edge | Smartphone | Galaxy

Docomo Galaxy S 6 edge SC-04G | Products | NTT DoCoMo

◆ Appearance check
I got "Galaxy S 6 edge SC - 04 G" at docomo shop.

Inside the paper bag, "Galaxy S 6 edge" and earphones were also included as a bonus from the shop besides the SIM card.

I will open the box.

Green emerald Galaxy S 6 edge appeared.

The contents are explanatory documents · Galaxy S 6 edge main body · External TV antenna cable · SIM slot pin · Earphone. Charging adapter and USB cable are not included.

Peel off the protective sheet.

Taking it in your hand is like this. You can see that both edges are curved display.

The back side looks like this. I do not see it looking too green ... ...

Changing the angle slightly changed the color. Fused with glass and metal, it turned into a mysterious texture that changed color depending on the angle of light hit.

SIM slot on the top board and infrared transmission port for using as a TV remote control.

Volume button on the left side. You can see that the display is caught up in the side part.

On the right side is only the power button, no SD card slot.

Earphone jack · Micro-USB terminal · Call microphone · speaker is arranged on the bottom.

On the display, there were LED indicator and light sensor from the left, and front camera of 5 million pixels.

There is a home button corresponding to fingerprint authentication at the center of the lower side, the menu button on the left side and the return button on the right side have the opposite arrangement to general Android terminal.

Looking at the back, the logo of "Samsung" that was in the previous GALAXY series disappeared, and instead the logo of "docomo" is printed. The "Galaxy" logo looks like a different taste design than before. In addition, you can see the mark of NFC and wireless power supply "Qi".

There is a rear camera of 16 million pixels and LED flash and heart rate monitor beside it. Both the rear and the front of the camera have a bright lens with an F value of 1.9.

Where it is a little worrisome that it protrudes slightly when seen from the side.

Samsung is a Galaxy S 6 series though it is worried about breakage because glass is a curved display with glass and the back is also glassGorilla glass 4We have released a movie that it is hard to break even in the fall test.

[Galaxy S6 and S6 edge] Drop Test (Side and Back) - YouTube

Compare Galaxy S 6 edge of 5.1 inch display with iPhone 6 Plus of 5.5 inch display.

Placed Galaxy S 6 edge with a thickness of 7 mm (thickest part about 8.4 mm) on iPhone 6 Plus with a thickness of 7.1 mm. The lateral width of Galaxy S6 edge is smaller.

Open the SIM card slot on the front of the main unit and insert docomo nano UIM card.

When you turn on the power, settings for Google Account settings, Docomo ID settings, Galaxy account settings will start, so let's set what you need.

◆ Dual surface edge display
After setting is completed, I tried to display the top page of GIGAIZINE. Although it is beautiful enough to make the brightness the highest in spite, the point of interest is a curved display as well. You can see that the page is displayed to the edge of the curved display.

Since there are times when buttons are coming on a curved surface, you may be confused by a little sense of operation at first.

In addition, it is possible to register frequently used contacts on the edge part of the curved display. When you first slide from the right edge of the curved display to the left ... ....

Because the registration button of five contacts is displayed, if you register it to any one, you can immediately contact a specific person by sliding the edge part.

Also, if there is a call or mail arrival, a button is displayed on the right edge ... ....

If you slide to the left, the button will stretch out immediately and you can check the details of the notification and call back.

You can see the confirmation of incoming notification from curved surface display from the following movie.

I called incoming notifications and contacts on the curved display of "Galaxy S 6 edge" - YouTube

Moreover, utilizing the curved display, we also have a function to light up so that incoming calls can be seen even from the side when there is an incoming call with the main unit behind the face.

Slide downwards, incoming notifications arriving at that time ... ...

It is possible to read the latest news feed for a while.

You can see how the notifications and news feeds are displayed on the curved display with the display turned off from the following movie.

Display notification on curved display of 'Galaxy S 6 edge' - YouTube

If there is an incoming call with the display faced down, the function to light up so that incoming calls can be seen from the side is also carried.

The camera can quick start by pressing the home button twice. Because it becomes possible to shoot in about 2 seconds, it can correspond to a sudden shutter scene.

When photographing the front camera, put your finger on the heart rate sensor next to the rear camera ... ...

There is also a function of cutting the shutter when you release your finger.

It corresponds to Qi or PMA standards and is convenient where wireless charging is possible. It was able to charge without problem even with the wireless charger for Nexus in the editorial department. However, although it generates a large amount of heat during wired charging, be aware that it will get hot enough to surprise you with wireless charging.

· Spec and benchmark
Galaxy S 6 edge has a proprietary 64-bit compatible octa core CPU and is a high-end smartphone with 3 GB of memory (RAM). The specifications of Galaxy S 6 edge on docomo's product page are as follows.

so,AnTuTu BenchmarkPerform benchmark test with. He scored a score of nearly 60,000, ranking the first place in a whirlwind.

Details were as follows.

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