Au version "GALAXY SII WiMAX" photo review

In Japan, "GALAXY SII" which only DOCOMO had dealt with will be sold also from au, since it seems that we have achieved considerable evolution such as WiMAX loading and screen size becoming larger, so I bought it on the release date immediately I did it.

GALAXY SII WiMAX ISW 11SC | Smartphone | au by KDDI

The package looks something like this. The au logo in the upper right becomes a new one and looks like a cursive body.

Specs are slurred on the back of the box. The screen size is 4.7 inches, and Docomo's "GALAXY SII SC-02C"It is understood that it is larger than 4.3 inches of.

Contents include main body and instruction manual, 2GB micro SD card etc in earphone. Attention is necessary because the adapter and cable for charging are not attached.

Earphones are like this. With a switch for volume control, you can adjust the volume without having to take out the main unit when playing music with it in your pocket.

It is a lock screen. It is a display that is bright and clear as it has an organic EL display.

The back is like this. Since the part of the removable panel is shiny, fingerprints are less conspicuous.

The place where the back was opened. Since the microSDHC card slot is on its side, it is convenient to be able to insert / remove it with the battery attached.

I actually brought it. The model is a man with a height of 175 cm and is a normal hand size. As a smart phone enters a larger category, people with small hands may feel a little hard to have.

On the right side is only the power button, the back is almost flat. The Docomo version had a bulge at the bottom and it was easy to hold, but the au version has only a slight step difference at the junction of the back panel and the main body. If you hold down the home button with one hand holding it will become unstable unless you devise how to hold it.

There is a volume button on the left side. For some reason the printed marks are "-" and "-", but they do not operate carefully as they look carefully, so they do not mind.

Earphone jack mounted on the top.

Connect the micro USB terminal for charging and data transfer to the bottom. This position is convenient when considering ease of handling of the cable during charging.

The home button is quite oblong. It is difficult to push with the belly of the thumb, but it is nice to push at the tip of the nail.

The au logo on the screen is also a new design.

A speaker is mounted under the back. Because the slit is slightly bulging, the opening is not completely blocked when placed on the desk, making ring tones easy to hear.

Equipped with 8.08 million pixel camera and LED flash on the back. It is a spec that you can do it without difficulty if snapshot level.

The edge of the display is slightly higher and there is some catching when you touch it with your fingertips, but the level is not very related to operability.

Overall, the reaction speed was agile, and I could chew text input.

From the left "iPhone 4", docomo version "GALAXY SII", au version "GALAXY SII", both shooting the screen brightness is maximized. The au version shows that the screen size is large and it is vivid display.

The following is the video of the place where you are actually operating.

Check the operability of GALAXY SII WiMAX - YouTube

The agility of motion and the screen display with clearer features are attractive, so people with a lot of opportunities to watch movies and photos on a smartphone are one to consider purchasing.

In addition, WiMAX usability etc will be posted after carefully touched at a later date.

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