Bibimbap, taco rice, coloring jar - jar can be done at once Naganigan "baked rice" Review, made fried minced meat and vegetables and put on rice

It is possible to cook the menu of "bibimbap", "taco rice", "coloring jar jar" in a short time which can not be easily made at home in order to prepare a variety of ingredients in the "Nagatani"Dinner party"is. I just tried to actually make vegetables and vegetables as well, just stir the ground minced meat and vegetables, leave the ingredients and put them on rice, complete in a short time and eat vegetables and meat well.

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I bought all 3 types (205 yen including tax) of "Baked Rice". The taste is "Bibimbap", "Taco Rice", "Coloring Jarger", which makes it possible to cook three people each.

◆ How to make bibimbap
All three sizes are the same size and the package is about 220 mm.

In the package there is a cooking example of 'Baked rice bibimbap' drawn. Ground meat and vibrant vegetables tap the top of the white rice and the yellow yolk of the hot spring egg is flowing with the tortoise will enhance your appetite.

The right end is written the slogan "the minced meat and vegetables stir-fried and quick!", Is likely to easily make a "bibimbap".

At the bottom is "carrot, bamboo shoots and cucumber sauce sauce" and it shows that some ingredients are included in the sauce.

On the back side is described how to make "Bottom Bottle Bibimbap". First stir fry meat and sprouts in turn, add lilac and "ingredients containing ingredients" there, mix thoroughly well, then put it on rice and complete it. The heating time is 4 minutes in all, and it seems really easy because the fire reduction is "only high heat".

Ingredients such as "carrot", "bamboo shoot", "kurakura" etc. are included as raw materials as well as seasonings such as "gochujan" "seafood extract", so prepare the same ingredients and seasonings yourself, It seems to be easier to cook than to make.

The calorie at the time of completion is 916 kcal for three servings in the case of "bibimbap". If it is 1 serving it will be about 305 kcal.

In addition to cooking examples, there are also ways to eat rice balls and sandwiches.

When opening the package, there is a retort package inside, and with the applianceSeasoning seasoning"Incorporated sauce" containing it is contained.

I will cook it. It is like this when preparing the minimum necessary ingredients stated in "Preparation" on the back of the package. In addition to "minced meat", "Nira" and "bean sprout" are the only ingredients necessary for putting on "rice", only three in total.

In addition to the minimum necessary ingredients this time, we prepared topping "hot spring egg" which was drawn in the package cooking example.

First cut vegetables. Cut a bunch of "Nira" to 40 - 50 mm width.

I will wash another vegetable, "sprout". This completes all the ingredients preparation.

Turn on the stove and turn the oil to a frying pan ... ....

Stir fry "high heat" and fry meat "for 1 minute". Also, be careful not to stir the ground meat with high heat, since minced meat is attached to the frying pan. At the same time as adding minced meat, stir fry meat while continuing to move minced meat with fly back.

When stir - fry, stir - fry the bean sprout and stir - fry with "3 minutes" "high fire".

When stir-frying for 3 minutes, put "Nira" and "Soup contained sauce" at the same time.

Mix well with "High Fire" for 1 minute "...

If you put it on rice, "Bottling baptized rice bowl" 1 dish 3 servings completed.

Three servings of "bicycle rice bibimbap" is so huge compared to the iPhone 6. There seems to be a considerable eating response.

On the back of the package I had imagined the spicy sweetness as "I made it easy to eat even with children", but when I tried it, the taste is not only sweet, but also in the pepper paste It was unexpected that "Bibimbap" which has sweetness and pungent taste that enhances the umami of the minced meat is completed. Because the time to fire the ingredients is short, the texture is not only "sprout" but also "chirashira" has crispy texture and rice goes on.

This time, I try topping "hot spring egg" which was drawn in the example of cooking package.

I approached the package cooking example.

When putting hot spring egg, the orange color of hot spring egg was added to minced green brown and chrysanthemum, and the coloring improved.

Recommended for those who thought that the sauce of "Bottom Bottle Bibimbap" is painful because it is easier to eat with roundness added to hot spicy sauce when eating with hot spring egg. And people who are strong in perseverance will have more variations on how to eat.

Except for rice, "Bottom bamboo bamboa" does not require weighing materials if 250 g of "minced meat" is prepared at only supermarkets such as "Nira", "Sprouts" and "Ground Meat" Necessary ingredients are just one bunch of "Nira", and "Moyashi" is 200 g so just one bag. And, since processing of the material only cuts chives to 40 - 50 mm, "baking rice bibimbap" is the easiest if you make the "rice dumplings" series for the first time.

◆ How to make Taco Rice with Bottle Rice
next,"Baked rice with taco riceI will try to make it.Taco riceAnd is a kind of Okinawan cuisine. "Baked rice tako rice" is a raw "lettuce" on rice, a minced meat with spices such as red pepper on a tomato basechili sauce"Is on.

The package is drawn as a cooking example from the top with red tomato and chili sauce, green "lettuce", and white "rice" vivid colorful "taco rice".

It shows that the ingredients "tomato" "red pepper" at the bottom and "red kidney beans" not seen so much at the supermarket etc are included.

The way to make is to first ground minced meat with a high heat for 1 minute, add onion and stir fry for 3 minutes, finally add "ingredients containing ingredients" and mix thoroughly for 30 seconds and then serve on rice. Compared with the way to make "bathed rice bibimbap", stir-frying for 1 minute is the same, but stir-frying vegetables is 1 minute long and 3 minutes. And the time from putting "ingredients into sauce" is short for 30 seconds, but it seems to be bothersome because the whole cooking time is short.

The raw material is first described as "tomato juice" thirdly "tomato paste", it seems that tomatoes are abundantly used. In addition, 'Red beans',' Chili powder ',' Garlic ',' Cumin 'and Mexican cuisine' s chili sauce-like ingredients line up.

Calorie is 855 kcal for 3 servings, so it is 285 kcal if it is 1 serving.

I will cook it. It is like this when preparing the minimum necessary ingredients stated in "Preparation" on the back of the package. In addition to "minced meat", "onion" and "three leaves of lettuce (90 g)" total three.

In addition to the minimum necessary ingredients this time, we prepared "tomato" and "cheese" of toppings which were drawn in the sample cooked package.

First, cut "Lettuce" small.

Next, mince 1 piece of onion.

Let's chopped toppings with topping.

Before igniting the stove. Leave the rice to the dish, lettuce on top.

Next, stir-fry "minced meat" with "high heat" for "1 minute". Please keep mixing so as not to stick around.

After stirring for 1 minute, put "onion". Stir fry for 3 minutes with "high heat".

After stir-frying for 3 minutes, add "Ingredient Sauce" and mix well over "30 seconds" with "High Fire".

When mixed together, the minced meat turns into a vibrant orangeish red color, and in the fast food chainWendy'sLike the chili sauce unique spice scent flavored, appetite has increased.

Served with "Lettuce Rice Taco Rice" 1 serving 3 servings served on rice with lettuce on it.

Immediately, I will eat. The spicy of pickles is working, but with the umami of tomatoes and the sweetness of onion, and the scent of spice, another mouth and spoon will advance. It meets rice, but it seems to be compatible with hot dogs in cooking examples as well.

And I tried topping tomatoes and cheese carved in the toppings streets cooked examples drawn on the package.

The size of 1 dish 3 servings is compared with 138.1 mm iPhone 6 like this.

I will eat toppings with toppings and cheese. Compared with no topping, rich in cheese adds refreshing to the aftertaste with raw tomato, this one is recommended. Some of the editorial staff say that "I can not think without tomatoes" while I ate it.

Trying to make chili sauce and chili beans to be used for "taco rice" at home will result in "red bean" and "cumin" etc., but "baked rice taco rice" is not worried and weighing of seasoning is unnecessary So feel free to "taco rice" and chili sauce can be made.

◆ How to make jasters coloring rice dressing
The end is "Baked rice coloring jar jarsI will try to make it. "Coloring JargerAccording to the package,

It is a sauce that made the flavor of ginger and sesame oil based on 2 types of miso. We brought the bamboo shoot, shiitake mushrooms, red peppers and finished it to match the rice.

And that. The coloring is Chinese cheongjaolose, the taste seems to be close to meat miso of jar noodle.

In the package, examples of cooking of vivid coloring jar jars are painted with "peppers", "carrots", "minced meat" etc.

In the lower part is described as "bamboo shoot, shiitake mushroom, red peppers included sauce", the texture looks good.

The way to make it is to stir fry meat for 1 minute with a high heat, add vegetables for 3 minutes with a high heat, add "sauce containing sauce" and mix for 30 seconds with high heat, then serve on rice.

The raw material is stated as "Miso Miso" "Sugar" and "Sugars mixture (syrup, sugar, soy sauce, glucose fructose liquid sugar)", it seems to be sweet seasoning. Vegetables contain "bamboo shoots" and "red peppers", which also reminds us of Chinese dishes.

Calorie intake is 869 kcal for 3 servings, so if it is 1 serving, it is 289 kcal.

As a cooking example, you can put it on Chinese noodles or make it a sandwich.

I will cook it. It is like this when preparing the minimum necessary ingredients stated in "Preparation" on the back of the package. In addition to "minced meat" necessary ingredients are "peppers" and "carrots". In addition, I use only one half of the carrot instead of one.

And we prepared 'Boiled Egg' in the toppings of cooking examples drawn on the package.

I will cook it. First of all, cut the carrot and bell pepper.

Next, stir the ground minced meat with oil for 1 minute with "high heat".

After 1 minute, add the cut carrot and green pepper and fry it for "3 minutes".

After stir-frying vegetables, put "ingredients in sauce" and mix with "high fire" for "30 seconds".

Finally it is finished with rice.

Compared with iPhone 6 like this.

I also tried topping "boiled egg" which was drawn in the package cooking example.

Appetite increases with the color of white rice, orange carrots, green and red peppers, and minced meat colored with miso.

A sweet scent of miso and a savory fragrance of sesame oil drift.

When eating, the sweetness of miso and the umami of minced meat are combined, and I can not get tired of the angular cutting vegetables that I made with Shakijaki.

When making 3 kinds at once in one stroke and eating at the editing department, trying to compare, there is not that one type of popularity is biased, there is individuality in taste and texture, each thing before dinner There were also three dishes total of nine servings soon disappeared.

"Baked rice" series is a quantity of 3 servings in "bag containing sauce", so it seems that it will be a large amount if you live alone, but it can be made in a short time, so it seems to be good if you want to eat Gatsuri. And, as cooking utensils are one frying pan for fire and one plate for dishes, it is a pleasant thing that washing will not increase. All three types of Nagatanien's "Baked Rice" series are sold at supermarkets throughout the country (205 yen including tax) "Bibimbap", "Taco Rice", "Coloring Jarger". Furthermore, if it is Amazon, the set of 3 servings × 5 pieces is 1026 yen.

Amazon | Nagatani Bake Bun Bibimbap 3 servings (141 g) × 5 pieces | Nagaya Garden | Donburi mail order

Amazon | Nagaya-ku Baked Rice Taco Rice 3 servings (145 g) × 5 pieces | Nagaya Garden | Donburi mail order

Amazon | Nagaya-ku Baked Rice Coloring Jar jar 3 servings (175 g) × 5 pieces | Nagaya Garden | Donburi mail order

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