G-SHOCK-like look and action camera with toughness, CASIO 'G'z EYE' real machine review

Anyway, CASIO who made G-SHOCK famous for its sturdy thing, a new brand of action camera pursuing toughness "G'z EYEWe launched the first product "GZE-1We will sell it from Friday, October 27, 2017.

Shockproof / waterproof / dustproof / low temperature tough camera "G'z EYE"

Looking at the main body from the front like this. It is rugged appearance reminiscent of G - SHOCK. Since irregularities are firmly attached, it seems to seem to hold properly even if thick gloves are on. According to CASIO this can withstand the impact up to 4 m of fall, withstand the jet of water, can be used even at a depth of 50 m, and can be used even in a low temperature environment of -10 ° C.Special siteSo you can watch the video that you are still recording even if you are launched with a PET bottle rocket or eaten by a shark.

There are two shooting buttons on the top. The one that is red and big is for movies, and the left side is for photographs. If you press the photo button while shooting movies, you will shoot high and low speed movies before and after the moment you pressed it to make it a slow movie.

As I went to the right, there was a power button and a wireless LAN button.

At the bottom is a screw hole for attaching the attachment.

Slide the bar labeled "FREE" on the right side ... ...

I could twist the back cover and open it. There is microSD insertion port, lithium ion battery, microUSB insertion port on the reverse side.

Before shooting, make settings using smartphone application "G'z EYE". The first time you start up the "Camera registration" screen will appear. Follow the instruction "Please press and hold the power button for 6 seconds" Press and hold the power button for a long time to hear a beep and power on the unit, the name of the camera "GZE - 1 - E3A535" is displayed in the list below It was done. Tap this ... ....

Connection is complete. Although there are two types of connection with the camera, "Bluetooth" and "Wi-Fi", since the connection with Bluetooth is now, "Bluetooth" part at the bottom of the screen is red.

Tap "View images with application" or "Capture with application" to prompt wireless LAN connection. Press the WLAN button about the main unit side ... ...

Open the Wi - Fi setting from the main unit setting screen and select "GZE - 1 - E 3 A 535" as the connection destination.

When you return to the application with wireless LAN connection, it automatically moves to "shoot with application" screen. Flick left and right to select the shooting mode and press the mark at the bottom center of the screen to shoot.

Also press the gear mark on the lower right to display "Shooting setting".

"GZE - 1" is just as an action camera and angle of view is wide. The picture below is taken with "GZE - 1" ... ...

If you take it with another camera from behind, the extent of its angle of view is obvious. It can be said that it is reflected almost horizontally. As a result, you can pull all of what you see into movies as it is, rather than cutting out a part.

Pictures taken can be confirmed with "View images with applications".

In order to check the image transferred from "GZE - 1" to iPhone, you need the application "Scene".

It is like this when it is displayed with "Scene".

If Bluetooth connection is lost, you can reconnect by selecting "Register" in "Camera registration" from "Settings" on the upper right of "G'z EYE" application top.

One optional attachment "Carabiner with stand" (5000 yen without tax)

It can be mounted in the screw hole at the bottom of the main unit.

In addition to being usable as a stand ......

As it collapses and it has a carabiner, it becomes easy to carry.

There are other remote controllers & long and short two types of mounting belts (6000 yen tax).

Simultaneously press the photo button and the power button on the main unit ... ...

Pairing is completed by simultaneously pressing the photo button and the power button on the remote control as well.

Now you can operate the camera from a distance.

There is no worry of dropping it even if you take violent action if you wear a belt. The remote control itself is also impact resistant, so it is safe because it is waterproof.

If you use the attachment "GEA - 1" (7000 yen without tax), you can fix the camera to the chest position. Considering the nature of action cameras that take pictures of the principal line of sight, it can be said to be an essential attachment.

"GZE-1" is an open price, but according to the price.com it is around the 50,000 to 50,000 yen range. In addition, although the recordable time with one battery is about 70 minutes to 100 minutes, those who bought one or two spare batteries (5000 yen tax) in consideration of actually using it for outdoor It looks good.

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